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Interested in Speaking at Future Fancy Food Shows?

Share your expertise and experience in the specialty food industry

The call for presentations for the January 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show is now open. To be considered, read through the items below and submit a proposal with the contact form located at the bottom of this page.

* Submissions received after the call for presentations has closed may still be considered.

Proposal Submission Details

Benefits of Participating in the Program
  • Pre-Show promotion of sessions to 100,000+ potential and registered attendees, Specialty Food Association members/exhibitors and press
  • Promotion of sessions via emails, press releases,, the Show Directory and other marketing pieces
  • Recognition as a program speaker and subject matter expert
  • Access to Specialty Food Association members and exhibitors
  • Complimentary Educational Program and Show admission
Educational Program Audience
  • The Fancy Food Show® Educational Program is designed to meet the needs of all members of the diverse specialty food industry. Our audience experience level is varied and sessions are designed for all skill levels within the following three categories:
  • Supplier (specialty food manufacturers, importers, marketers, distributors)
  • Retailer (small-to-medium sized specialty food stores, regional chains, independents)
  • General Show Audience (previous groups as well as caterers, restaurants, foodservice professionals, and other food businesses)
Educational Program Structure

The Program features 20+ sessions per Show with audiences ranging from 25-100 people. Formats include:

  • Workshop: interactive, activities based; 90 minutes
  • Seminar: lecture-style, interaction limited to Q&A; 60 minutes
  • Panel: multiple speakers, discussion oriented; 60-90 minutes
Suggested Topics

Topics that benefit both suppliers and retailers are best. Hot topics include:

  • Industry Trends
  • Consumer Trends
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Branding
  • Technology including Social Media
Presenter/Content Eligibility

Industry experts, consultants, educators, related industry associations and non-profit organizations, attendees and Specialty Food Association members are invited to submit proposals. Related industry associations and non-profit organizations may “sponsor” a session; Specialty Food Association members and exhibitors may not. Specialty Food Association exhibiting members and Fancy Food Show exhibitors are only eligible to participate as panelists in discussions and tasting seminars, and may not deliver a standalone session related to their product.

Non-Commercial Policy

Specialty Food Association Fancy Food Show® encourages speakers to provide the audience with handouts that highlight important pieces of their personal learning experience. However, promotional literature cannot be included in these materials or in the presentation itself as this would compromise the unbiased nature of Specialty Food Association’s educational program. Review of handouts and PowerPoint presentations by Specialty Food Association Education Department staff prior to the session is required.

Selection Process

Proposals will be reviewed for relevance at both the Winter and Summer Fancy Food Show. Selections will be made based on relevance, audience interest, appropriateness, session objectives and expertise of the presenter. Due to the volume of submissions, we can only respond to proposals that are accepted. Rolling submissions will continue to be collected throughout the year. Final selections will be made in August for the Winter Show and January for the Summer Show. These submissions will also be reviewed by the Committee for possible inclusion in our webinars@work® online learning series.


If you are invited to participate in the program, Specialty Food Association may provide you with round-trip coach airfare (or reimburse for mileage if driving) and up to two nights hotel accommodations at a Specialty Food Association selected hotel. Arrangements must be made through the association’s travel planning service before the designated deadline. Specialty Food Association will reimburse for parking and airport transfers; Specialty Food Association will not reimburse for meals, hotel incidentals (such as room service or internet use) or any personal expenses incurred during your Educational Program participation. All speakers will be asked to complete a standard contract outlining these provisions.

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Submit your proposal below

If interested, fill out all fields on the form below to apply. If you are submitting multiple proposals, you do not need to fill out the full information after your first submission. Proposals are collected and reviewed for our webinars@work series as well as our Fancy Food Show education programs.

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