Brokers & Distributors Explained

  • Pricing: from The Basics: The Business of Specialty Foods

    This comprehensive excerpt from The Basics: The Business of Specialty Foods focuses on how to determine the right price, calculate cost of goods sold, figure percentage gross margin, understand profit margins, and more.

  • The Basics: The Business of Specialty Foods (2014)

    The Basics: The Business of Specialty Foods is our cornerstone education piece covering everything you need to know to get started in the specialty food business as a manufacturer.

  • Supply Chain Optimization: The Long Road Home PLUS Supply Chain Scenario Tool

    Gain a better understanding of the specialty food supply chain and how to navigate the complex journey from manufacturer to distributor to retailer. Download includes new research on the topic as well as an Excel-based tool to customize your analysis.

  • The State of the Specialty Food Industry 2013 – Summary Report

    Learn how the specialty food industry performed in 2012 with industry statistics and insights (released in April 2013) to help you understand the potential for growth and the dynamics of change in this market. Also available as an hour long webinar via the WEBINAR tab on this page.

  • Connecting the Dots: Collaborative Best Practices for Specialty Foods

    Released in fall 2012, this is a must-have document for anyone working in today's evolving specialty food marketplace.

  • Kosher Food Holiday Guide 2011-2014

    Open your eyes to the world of Kosher Food Holiday promotions with the Specialty Food Association’s latest publication detailing notable Jewish holidays with detailed descriptions of the traditions and the ever-important food that completes the occasion. Keep this handy guide close by when the holiday season is approaching and be better prepared than ever to sell & promote foods to support this growing buying population.

  • Database of Specialty Food Brokers

    Listing of Specialty Food Brokers available to Specialty Food Association Members only.

  • Database of Specialty Food Distributors

    Listing of Specialty Food Distributors available to Specialty Food Association Members only.

  • Broker Contract Template

    Structure your agreement by utilizing Specialty Food Association's Broker Contract Template, a guide to industry standards for broker-principal contracts.

  • Roadmap to Retail

    As specialty food companies grow, one of the largest hurdles that must be overcome is how to successfully manage and implement a "go-to-market" strategy that gets their products to the shelf in a way that is most appropriate for the manufacturer, retailer and consumer.

  • 2012 Broker Guide

    Specialty Food Association's recently released broker list available now!

  • A Supplier's Guide to Managing Invoice Deductions

    Learn how to prepare for and manage deductions that cover expenses associated with selling and promoting products through the distributor network.

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