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Enjoy These Comfort Foods This Winter

(Image courtesy:

Winter doesn’t qualify as everyone’s favorite season for nothing! It is a season when you like to stay indoors and keep warm. It is also a good time to enjoy the wonderful aromas of delicious food emanating from the kitchen.

It is a known fact that our body requires more calories to stay warm in winters. Maybe that’s the reason we enjoy our cup of hot cocoa so much more in winters than we would in other seasons. And no wonder we enjoy sitting by the fireplace as it is in keeping with the emphasis on keeping internally warm.

Certain foods like pomegranates, cranberries, guavas, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, spinach, turkey, eggs and so on tend to have a warming effect on the human body. Hence, it is important to include these ingredients in ...


Eat This

Eat This - artisanal homegrown and locally produced goods.


Food Trends of 2014

Check out the upcoming food trends that we'll see in restaurant menus and grocery store shelves this upcoming year.


Introducing TEANZO 1856 Artisan Tea

We invite you into our exciting tea world.


Man-influencers: Emergence of the Male Supermarket Shopper

For years, marketers have targeted females as the primary household shopper. But times have changed, and groceries are now becoming a 'guy' thing.


Chaya Herbal Food, Co.

Para tu salud y la de tus seres queridos, visita; ============= For your own health and your loved ones, visit;


Web Design Trends for 2014

According to Chris Lake, Director of Content at Econsultancy, 2014 is the year of the user and designers must take that into consideration. Take a look at some of these trends and see if your site is surf ready.


Quick Delicious Diet Food for People with Disabilities

A healthy diet can improve the quality and life span of any individual. People with disabilities often experience physical and psychological problems that limit their daily activities and restrict them from following a routine. A decreasing appetite or reduced ability to buy and prepare healthy foods can mean people with disability don’t get enough essential vitamins, minerals and fibers and this can contribute to chronic illness. It is important that you take help of your family and care givers to buy or provide you with a nutritious diet. If you live alone, make use of assistive devices like Go-Go electric mobility scooters, which will help you move around with little assistance.

Proper nutrition can help people with disabilities overcome secondary conditions like weight loss, fatigue and diarrhea or constipation that hinders their routine. Benefits of healthy eating and following a diet plan are abundant. These include, resistance ...


Top Food Trends from 2013

Cronuts, quinoa and crazy tacos, oh my! This past year gave us a wide range of interesting #FoodTrends, everything from ethnic flavors to tiny desserts. So as we reflect back, here were some of the top food trends that made 2013 hot!


Caramel makes me happy

Apple + Caramel = Simple Nirvana


Hande Bio-Source Inc

We are a registered CA importer/broker based in San Francisco. We import and handle products intended for human consumption in the pharmaceutical sector and are vertically integrated supplying other raw materials from central asia including specialty high altitude arabica green coffee beans from Simao/P'uer City (most southern part of China on the tip of Laos between Burma and Thailand) Also we can source and import high quality green tea's and Pu'er teas. We are interested in expanding our business and partnering with domestic or foreign enterprises looking for sales and distribution within the US and/or an economical alternative for importing import broker. Please email or call CEO Fraser Ritchie at: 415.603.7806 to request a meeting slot in SF 19th -21st January 2014.


where we are today....

Nantucket Pasta Goddess is on the move!


Upmarketing...Upsellings Cooler Cousin

How can you use upmarketing to transform or reimagine lower margin items in a more valuable way without tons of costly R&D to create an entirely new product. More often than not…it’s all about great packaging and storytelling.


Steurarts Brand products

We introduced around 30 new TEA products as a development for the year 2014. MOQ only 24 packs and would like to discuss whom really interested in. Contact or Skype : Srimeth.... George Steuarts the oldest but still vibrant mercantile establishment in Sri Lanka. Founded in 1835, has been associated with tea for over a century infact from the very inception of the industry.


Does Traditional PR Still Work?

In the ongoing debate about the value of traditional PR and its effectiveness, many PR advocates state that traditional PR is still important in reaching a wider audience but are also admiting that social/digital media should be included as a key component in the plan as well. Does your 2014 content marketing plan include the right balance of traditional versus new?


Trending at the Table: Unique Dessert Ideas for Christmas

Looking for some inspiration when it comes to planning your dessert menu for the holidays? Since eating out is expensive and some specialty foods can be pricey, many families are considering the charm of home baked goods. Not only can home baked products be more affordable but they can also be healthier, using whole ingredients rather than processed foods and preservatives.

If hosting dinner parties at your home is in the works for the holiday, consider the dessert menu as an area where you can really exercise your culinary creativity. Stretch beyond the classic favorites and explore a variety of international or domestic desserts that you have never served before. It will delight your guests, add interest to your table and expand your culinary repertoire while creating new holiday favorites for your friends and family.

An Eye on Pie

If you think you have seen and tried just about ...


New Sel Magique e-com platform

We're thrilled to launch our all-new site including gift sets, our new Spicy Blend, Cocktail Salts, and more. Visit us at


Generation Flux: Marketing in an Ever Changing Environment

Remember when marketing was a predictable environment? Today, we maneuver in a digital world that is about as predictable as the weather. Here are some steadfast tips for how to best steer your marketing efforts in today's ever-changing world.


Eye on Design - Package Design Trends

Packaging is a lot like fashion. It's your public "look at me" statement that tells people who you are and what you stand for. Is your brand and packaging runway ready?


Val d'Orcia

Thank you for looking at and considering our quality sheep cheeses Val D’Orcia, Tuscana Italy, Tuscana Export Ltd


Food Texture Market worth $11.8 Billion by 2018



Premium Gold and the Family Farm Connection

Premium Gold Flax Product & Processing Inc. Miller Family Farm 1321 12th Ave NE Denhoff, North Dakota 58430 1 886 570 1234


Strategies for faster and easier weight loss.

If you want advice on weight management that actually works, it’s a good thing to look for someone who has already gone through it. For one, people who have decided to shed some weight have some pointers that might be helpful for you to achieve the same thing. Begin with the basics. Know that exercise helps a lot and instead of giving in to your late-night unhealthy cravings, drink teas and other refreshing yet healthy snacks.

There’s also a weight management supplement called Slimirex from Ed Group of Global Healing Center. This one’s great for those who are serious about slimming down. The product is a combination of plant extracts that have beneficial effects on the body. It comes in liquid form for easier absorption.

What you need to know before using this product is that it is not a weight loss pill promising quick results wrapped in ...

Regional Share Groups

Specialty Food Association hosts Share Groups throughout the year and across the country to help members forge bonds within their communities and learn from each other in the process. Register for upcoming Share Groups here

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