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Labeling Seasonal Beer and Malt Beverages

Seasonal Beer and Malt Beverage Labels have Specific Requirements. Beer and malt beverage labels are a fundamental element in packaging your product for consumers. As defined by Federal alcohol labeling requirements, is any product made at a brewery with malted barley and hops. Beer is the primary malt beverage; however, malt beverages do include both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic products. In order for consumers to understand the ingredients and nutritional values of these beverages, beer and malt beverage labels are required on all consumer products. ImageTek Labels has designed the guide below, to help you understand what information must be present on your beer & malt beverage label. The guidelines dictating what information must be displayed on malt beverage labels have been established by The U.S. Department of Alcohol and Tobacco, Tax and Trade Bureau, also known as the TTB. The regulations set forth by the TTB, were designed ...


6 Tips for Baking Perfect Sweet and Savory Pastries

In the world of baking, very few things are considered easy. If you thought making good pastries was one of them, you would be wrong. Baking a pastry is no big deal, though. It is baking the ‘perfect’ pastry that can give even the best of the chefs sweaty palms.

I bet you never thought of the hard work and precision that goes into baking it when digging into one of your favorite cafe pastries. And you’ve probably even thought of taking the convenient route and simply buying them from there whenever you felt like indulging yourself.

While it is a great idea, especially for those who are unable to find the time to bake, what’s even better is making the time and baking them on your own.

While in its simplest form, pastry is just one part fat ...


All about diverse Cake Recipes

A detailed info and introduction on diverse cake and pastries recipes. A detailed info and introduction on diverse cake and A detailed info and introduction on diverse cake and A detailed info and introduction on diverse cake and


Healthy Pepper Sauces and Spicy Fruit Spreads

Only took 1500 years to get it right!


Veg Fast Food Franchise - Scalaks Tasty Twisters Small Fast Food Business in Mumbai

Scalaks is a veg food tasty twisters available at Emelad Fast Foods Resturant in Andheri West, Star Bazaar. Taste it & get fast food franchise opportunity also. Find our reviews online. Find more photos at


Power Fruits from the Islands of the Philippines

Power fruits from the sunny, tropical and breezy islands of the Philippines! Discover the legendary taste of the Philippine mango and banana. Wonder at the myriad variety of products derived from the coconut. All these at the Philippine Pavilion!



Introducing NineSpice - a community of specialty food lovers!


Diet and Fitness Tips for the Wheelchair-Bound

A healthy diet is a must for everyone. For people with disabilities, or for those bound to the wheelchair, it becomes even more important to have a healthy and balanced diet. A well-rounded diet of a variety of foods from each group will go a long way in helping prevent weight gain. Physical disabilities often become a cause for weight gain, and it becomes difficult to lose the weight gained as exercise may be difficult considering the seriousness of the condition. This doesn’t mean that you abandon physical fitness altogether. A variety of dietary and lifestyle choices according to your specific disability will help in weight loss and improving fitness.

Up to 36% of adults with a disability are clinically obese, approximately 57% more than people without disabilities. In many, the scale of immobilization and/or paralysis directly affects the digestive ...



Do you love to eat? Off-course Yes. In-fact most of us are big foodies and always eager to taste something new. I love to eat and cook both. Many of you loves to do that. Don’t you? You have learned either from your grannies or have attended cooking classes. I have tried many recipes by learning them online. One of my favorite site is You can Google it to find different dishes as well. Surfing through many recipe sites makes you know more about the cuisines of different countries. Isn’t it amazing? I just try to go through those interesting recipes and make it little innovative. Does something pop-up like How? Simple. By adding few ingredients. Does it taste different? Yes, Off-course. Check my enhancement of San Choy Boy recipe of Marion’s Kitchen. Believe or not, the whole taste change by adding single ingredient. Excited to know? ...



Ingredients 2 cups hot water, divided 2 squirt of Inventi 2 teaspoons sugar, divided 3 ounces tequila, divided 3 ounces Kahlua liqueur divided Ground cinnamon, to dust 2 scoops vanilla ice cream, divided 2 cherries Instructions : Add Hot Water and Inventi together. Frost rims of 2 cups with sugar. Add the tequila and the coffee liqueur, sugar. Dust with cinnamon. Immediately add hot coffee and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Top with a cherry. Enjoy!!


Chocolate for drink

We offer chocolate for hot drinks



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Our Story

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Healthy Food for the Physically Challenged: Information, Tips, and Recipes

For people who are physically disabled or mentally challenged, cooking can be a very difficult task. Often, they have to depend on others to cook food for them or eat pre-made or canned foods.

If you rely on others to cook for you or on ready-to-eat meals, you may be losing out on essential nutrients. You may also be eating a lot of unhealthy stuff.

Having a physical disability limits movement. If you have a mobility issue of any kind, it is probable that you are either avoiding exercise or are unable to do so. Add to this unhealthy eating habits and your health is only going to deteriorate.

What Kinds of Food Should You Eat

You need to have foods that are rich in protein and dietary fiber while low in fat.

Here are some benefits of proteins.

  • Eating a protein-rich diet ...



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Flav a Flav

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Powered by Oats and Honey

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What if

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Itailia da Mangiare

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Healthy Food Choices for Physically Disabled Children

Getting your children to eat healthy wholesome food is key to their physical and mental development. Growing bodies have special needs that have to be met for optimal development. Along with proper exercise, a balanced diet is crucial in keeping them strong and healthy. It also teaches them to make the right food choices.

Physically disabled children need extra care and attention when it comes to staying fit. It is even more important to teach them the importance of eating healthy because an unhealthy diet will not only deprive them of the much needed nutrients, but also make them obese. Since they may not be in a position to exercise frequently, parents of disabled children need to focus on helping them develop the correct eating habits.

Thanks to technology, it has become easier for disabled children to be active. Mobility scooters like

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Executive Officer

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Enjoy These Comfort Foods This Winter

(Image courtesy:

Winter doesn’t qualify as everyone’s favorite season for nothing! It is a season when you like to stay indoors and keep warm. It is also a good time to enjoy the wonderful aromas of delicious food emanating from the kitchen.

It is a known fact that our body requires more calories to stay warm in winters. Maybe that’s the reason we enjoy our cup of hot cocoa so much more in winters than we would in other seasons. And no wonder we enjoy sitting by the fireplace as it is in keeping with the emphasis on keeping internally warm.

Certain foods like pomegranates, cranberries, guavas, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, spinach, turkey, eggs and so on tend to have a warming effect on the human body. Hence, it is important to include these ingredients in ...


Eat This

Eat This - artisanal homegrown and locally produced goods.

Regional Share Groups

Specialty Food Association hosts Share Groups throughout the year and across the country to help members forge bonds within their communities and learn from each other in the process. Register for upcoming Share Groups here

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