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Dukes Mayonnaise commercial conitunes to be a hit

Posted by: ecurtis on Aug. 18, 2011

Nearly five years ago, Recipe created a TV commercial for Duke’s Mayonnaise and it continues to be a huge success. The spot received the highest marks in consumer testing and continues to raise awareness for the brand. What is the secret to its success? Tim White. He is the star of the commercial and is the main reason the spot continues to grow in popularity. Tim was chosen out of hundreds of real Dukes users who auditioned for the commercial. His “any other mayonnaise wouldn’t respect my potato salad” admission resonates with loyal Dukes users who swear by the brand. Plus, the ladies swooned over him! He owned a small catering business in Atlanta Georgia and was known for his famous potato salad, which can be found on Duke’s Mayonnaise website. Today, Duke’s Mayonnaise is working on re-releasing the spot using the same clips of Tim and his famous potato salad. Check out the original spot and tell us what you think…

Recipe is a full-service marketing agency specializing in the food and beverage industry. Recipe offers award-winning creativity across all marketing channels including social media, public relations, packaging, web and advertising. For more information on Recipe, email or visit

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