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Strawberry Breeders Branch Out

Date: 01/01/12 | Source: Specialty Food News | Author: Denise Shoukas
Categories: Trends and Statistics; Food Trends
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Strawberry Breeders Branch Out

Strawberries are the stars of the show in Queensland, Australia’s Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), where a team is focusing on creating different breeds of the favorite fruit. What kinds of breeds? Principal horticulturalist Mark Herrington gave an example of what could be created in the future using natural breeding techniques: the bubble-gum–flavored strawberry. Though such a concoction is years away, in the meantime, the research station boasts the success of its Rubygem strawberry, which is being grown and sold in Turkey, where it’s popular for its flavor and glossy red color. The scientists sold the intellectual property to Turkey, which means Turkey grows and sells the strawberries, with royalties returned to Australia. Turkey is currently exporting the berries to Moscow and Eastern Europe.

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Strawberry Breeders Branch Out

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