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Tater Tots, A Cultural Phenomenon

Date: 10/25/12 | Source: Specialty Food News
Categories: Trends and Statistics; Food Trends | Tags: Frozen; Potato
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Tater Tots are so golden they have morphed from brand to cultural phenomenon. Developed in 1953, the potato scraps deemed unfit for fries were shaped into bite-size cylinders, then fried golden and crunchy. Thus were born Ore-Ida Tater Tots. An estimated 3.5 billion Tater Tots are eaten by Americans every year, according to the associate marketing director for Ore-Ida. Tater Tots and its imitators long ago jumped from supermarket freezer cases to restaurant menus across North America. Many chefs make their own; home cooks can as well, thanks to recipes like Lara Ferroni's "Real Snacks: Make Your Favorite Childhood Treats without All the Junk." Ferroni, an Oregon-based food writer, doesn't remember much junk food in the house as she was growing up in southern Georgia, but "there was always a bag of frozen Tater Tots in the freezer." While Tater Tots bring back childhood memories for her, they also have a very adult connotation as well, reported The Lakeland Ledger. Full Story

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Tater Tots, A Cultural Phenomenon

Tater Tots are so golden they have morphed from brand to cultural phenomenon.

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