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Foods in Focus: Japan's Specialty Foods Foods in Focus: Japan's Specialty Foods

As the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami off the Pacific coast of Tohoku approaches, Japan’s supply chain continues to regain momentum.

Flavor Trends in Dressings and Marinades Flavor Trends in Dressings and Marinades

Asian influences are adding spark to this category, while Mediterranean flavors and traditional dressings with updated recipes give consumers a wider range of options for salads, meats and other dishes.

Gifts to Savor Gifts to Savor

From cheesemaking kits to tea sets to interesting cuts of imported pasta, savory foods add a dash of flavor to holiday gift sales.

Banking on Baking Mixes Banking on Baking Mixes

Premium pancakes made with smoked bacon and chocolate chips, bakery-worthy muffins featuring chia seeds and lemons and restaurant-quality desserts such as red velvet cake are some of the reasons the $1.8 billion baking, breakfast and dessert mix business is thriving.

Growing Success in the Yogurt Category Growing Success in the Yogurt Category

With more consumers eating yogurt as a regular healthy habit and more flavor and texture varieties popping up in the dairy aisle, retailers are being enticed to expand their offerings. Specialty and mass-market stores alike are bringing in brands and flavors that offer both local ...

The Cracker Barrel The Cracker Barrel

With stand-out flavors like Porcini Mushroom, Sweet Potato, Feta and Kalamata Olive, as well as new, better-for-you ingredients and textures, there is an array of consumer-friendly cracker options to add to your shelves. By Nicole Potenza Denis

Pairing Cheese with Crackers Pairing Cheese with Crackers

We asked leading cheese retailers for their pairing advice with today’s specialty crackers.  By Nicole Potenza Denis

The New Tastes and Shapes of Frozen Treats The New Tastes and Shapes of Frozen Treats

From liquid-nitrogen-chilled ice cream to raw-food treats to unexpected flavors, the options abound for uncommon specialty sweets.

What's New in Holiday Cookies What's New in Holiday Cookies

Baking cookies for family and friends is a holiday tradition that never loses its appeal. But retailers can come to the rescue for time-strapped consumers by offering new, fuss-free mixes and decorative cookies, many made from scratch with natural ingredients and engaging stories behind them. ...

Healthy Baby Bites Healthy Baby Bites

Great ingredients (organic everything), innovative production (tasty frozen foods), new packaging (convenient squeeze pouches) and fuller-flavored recipes (some from celebrity chefs) have made food for the under-four set more exciting and satisfying.

Top Regional Sandwiches Top Regional Sandwiches

Are you making the most of local favorite flavors in your deli case? Or evaluating the sales potential of sandwich combinations borrowed from other parts of the country? Here are seven varieties that have stood the test of time.

America's Beer Transformation America's Beer Transformation

More than 1,500 independent, artisan producers are creating innovative beers, including those with stronger flavors, higher alcohol content and alternate production methods, making what some are claiming is the best beer in the world.

The New Flavors of Summer The New Flavors of Summer

Home grills and barbecues are going to get a workout this summer as more people cook and entertain at home. Consumers want to enhance their grilled meats and side dishes with innovative tastes and ingredient combinations that borrow from a variety of cultures and trends—which ...

The Fresh Taste of New Zealand The Fresh Taste of New Zealand

For many Americans, it took the gorgeous imagery of The Lord of the Rings to illustrate the geographic diversity of New Zealand where the trilogy was filmed—and to better understand the natural bounty where this country’s specialty food products are made. Roughly 1,250 miles from ...

A Little Extra Zing A Little Extra Zing

Standard condiments such as mustard, ketchup, salsa and others are being transformed with flavor innovations that are sure to attract attention on the shelf and add punch to prepared foods menus.

Winter Warmers Winter Warmers

Premium hot chocolates, special occasion teas and other creative sippers help your customers find comfort from the cold. 

Retro Desserts Go Modern Retro Desserts Go Modern

When turmoil and chaos thrive, reminiscing begins and memories soon turn to food. Today—blame it on war, politics or even non-stop email—Americans are craving classic treats like cupcakes, layer cakes, cobblers, puddings and other traditional favorites from decades past. Store-bought versions or packaged mixes of ...

The New Look of Soups: Hearty, Healthy, Ethnic The New Look of Soups: Hearty, Healthy, Ethnic

Move over Cream of Mushroom. Always crowd pleasers, heartier, healthier soups with expanded flavor profiles are bolstering the sluggish sales of mass-market staples. Undoubtedly still a companion to Sandwich, soup is also becoming a year-round one-dish-meal, showing off homemade styles, quality ingredients, ease of preparation ...

Appetizers for Easy Entertaining Appetizers for Easy Entertaining

Even professional cooks often opt for an assembly rather than from-scratch approach to appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. With a little guidance, your market can become the go-to solution for consumers looking for quick yet sophisticated entertaining solutions for the holidays and year-round.

Specialty Food for Holiday Entertaining Specialty Food for Holiday Entertaining

Amusing themed treats and delicacies that overwhelm the senses and conjure up memories of holidays past. Warming and inviting hot mulling spices; whimsically shaped marzipan; soothing yet stimulating winter herbal tea; novelty Santa- or dreidel-shaped cutout cookies and chocolates; eggnog—oh, the sales opportunities that arise ...

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