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U Rawk Energy Bars Expand to Nine States U Rawk Energy Bars Expand to Nine States

U Rawk raw energy bars were created by Isabel Gallego in 2012, and are now sold at fitness centers, doctors' offices, and Smoothie King Stores in nine states.

Smile-Inducing Memories of Sanders Smile-Inducing Memories of Sanders

by Tiffany Van Hemm of Sanders Sanders was started in 1875. I am so proud and honored to have earned the position to help lead and carry on this iconic American company. Myself and other generations of families have grown up going to Sanders stores ...

Droga Chocolates Featured in Small-Business Video Series Droga Chocolates Featured in Small-Business Video Series

Droga Chocolates has been highlighted in a special video series created by AT&T to launch its new Business Circle community.

Nothing Like Baba's (Grandma's) Home Cooking Nothing Like Baba's (Grandma's) Home Cooking

by Thomas Kostiw Jr of MELT Enterprises, LLC Ever since I was a young boy coming home from school, I knew my mom had cooked just from the aroma in the air even before I entered the house. I was always amazed at how good ...

Chickpeas Reinvented Chickpeas Reinvented

by The Good Bean Starting The Good Bean is the most fulfilling, creative, scary, inspiring, challenging, happy-making thing I've ever done. I've been a food lover my whole life, from the time I was a little girl in India making up spicy peanut mixes and ...

Family. Friends. Food. Family. Friends. Food.

by Terri Bergman of The Kitchen's Bounty Our products originate from a deep love of family, friends and, of course, food. In times of joy and times of sorrow, food is what brings people together. Great food is not difficult or competitive. It comes from ...

Chevre: Serendipity + Song Chevre: Serendipity + Song

by Tasia Malakasis of Belle Chevre My path to cheesemaking was anything but typical. An attractive goat cheese, stacked among other cheeses in Dean & Deluca in New York. I picked it up. Scanned the label. ‘Made in Elkmont, Alabama.’ In my shock, I nearly ...

Makin' Life Delicious Makin' Life Delicious

by Sweet Home Cookin' Co. My food inspiration and food joy comes from the smile and expression on a face after that first bite, knowing I am "Makin' Life Delicious!" That is how Sweet Home Cookin' Co. was born. Somehow, I began my career as ...

Augusta's Pimento Cheese Augusta's Pimento Cheese

by Suzie "Augusta" Lowe of Augusta's Creations, llc The South in your Mouth! Pimento Cheese evokes one of three reactions: 1. “Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.” You were forced to eat it by a grandmother who pinched your cheeks. It was that wet, yucky stuff. You hate it. Push pause! 2. (Remove ...

Playing with Fire Playing with Fire

by Suan's, Inc. On a cool night while on a veranda in Jamaica, I fell in love with the heat of the Scotch Bonnet pepper. In the light of day, the balmy breezes of the Caribbean spawned my desire to “play with fire,” and harness ...

How Severance Pay Made Severance Foods How Severance Pay Made Severance Foods

by Severance Foods / Pan De Oro Chip Co. Richard Stevens, John Grikis and Rich Dana were food scientists at Heublein, Inc., a Hartford, Conn.-based food/liquor company. Food was their vocation. Heublein was in charge of development for product lines such as A1 Steak Sauce, ...

Magic of New Single Serve Coffee Magic of New Single Serve Coffee

by Scott Choi of Caffe Borsa We are passionate coffee connoisseurs who love outdoor activities. We believe that coffee should be enjoyed without boundaries. Unfortunately in the past, when we went camping, we had to carry our French press or cone dripper to brew coffee ...

You Won't Miss the Meat You Won't Miss the Meat

by Sarah Lanphier of Nuts About Granola The art and challenge of crafting amazing food from simple, pure ingredients inspires every recipe I develop for Nuts About Granola. It also inspires my personal vegetarian lifestyle and cooking mantra, "you won't miss the meat." A true ...

The Defining Moment The Defining Moment

by SAPNA Foods Inc Our company name--SAPNA--translates to "the defining moment," a point at which the essential nature or character is revealed or identified. Our passion is to provide the highest quality food ingredients from all over the world. Examples of our products are: Madagascar ...

Sid Wainer & Son Sid Wainer & Son

Some of the world’s finest and freshest foods come through this century-old wholesaler and retailer’s Massachusetts warehouse. And if the owners can’t find what a customer needs, they’ll grow it.

Candy Chic Candy Chic

In just two short years, Torie & Howard Hard Candy has amassed thousands of customers, been lauded in major publications, and is available at more than 3,500 retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods Market, smaller specialty stores, and even hotels, casinos, and ...

Slice of Life: Sarabeth’s Bakery Slice of Life: Sarabeth’s Bakery

This 16-year-old bakery, in a bustling New York City market, feeds a handful of restaurants and a steady line of local patrons. Sarabeth Levine, an energetic septuagenarian, continues to gain speed, just like the brand that has borne her name for 30 years.

Paula Lambert, Mozzarella Company: Pioneering Fresh Cheese in Texas Paula Lambert, Mozzarella Company: Pioneering Fresh Cheese in Texas

After spending several years in Italy, Paula Lambert returned to her home state to create a food business—and succeeded beyond all expectations.

Organic Sicilian Foods Organic Sicilian Foods

by Santo Zito - Zito Organic Foods In 1936 I was born into a long line of Sicilian cooks, which quickly thrust me into a lifelong passion for organic specialty foods. In 1960, after moving to the U.S. with my new bride, I set out ...

Tradition, Heat & Happiness Tradition, Heat & Happiness

by Samantha Swan of Cottage Lane Kitchen Our relishes are created from a dash of family tradition, a cup of spicy southern heat and a whole lot of happiness. My great-grandmother created our spicy pepper relish recipe and three generations later, Cottage Lane Kitchen shares ...

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