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sofi Finalists

The sofi Awards are the top honor in the $109 billion specialty food industry.  The awards, now in their 43rd year, are open to members of the Specialty Food Association. This year members submitted 2,715 entries across 32 awards categories including outstanding chocolate, cheese and savory snack. The entries were judged by a national panel of 36 specialty food experts during eight days of tastings. Judges were from Whole Foods Market, Food52 Shop, Kroger, Fresh Direct, The Fresh Market,, Citarella, Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants, Williams-Sonoma, and Food & Wine, among others.

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Appetizer Antipasto Salsa Dip

Appetizer, Antipasto Or Hors D’Oeuvres

Appetizer, Antipasto, Salsa Or Dip

Baked Good, Baking Ingredient Or Cereal

Cheese Or Dairy

Cheese Or Dairy Product

Cooking Sauce Or Flavor Enhancer

Dessert Or Dessert Topping

Diet And Lifestyle Product

Food Gift

Food Gift

Innovation In Packaging Design Or Function

Jam, Preserve, Honey Or Nut Butter

Meat, Pâté Or Seafood

New Product

Non-Food Specialty Item

Pasta, Rice Or Grain

Perishable Foodservice Product

Shelf-Stable Foodservice Product

Snack Food


Usda-Certified Organic Product

Usda-Certified Organic Product