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sofi™ Winners

From mouth-watering sauces to delectable desserts and savory snacks, the 33 sofi Winners in 2015 represent the very best of specialty food in an amazing range of flavors and emerging food trends selected from 2,715 entries.

Judged by a national panel of 36 specialty-food experts during eight days of tastings, they earned top honors—and spots on grocery shelves across the country.

"Sales have increased 50% since we won the gold!"
‒ Vincent Kitirattragarn, Dang Foods, 2014 Winner

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Appetizer, Antipasto Or Hors D 'Oeuvres
Baking Ingredient, Baking Mix Or Flavor Enhancer
Breads, Muffins, Granola Or Cereal
Cold Beverage
Cooking, Dipping Or Finishing Sauce
Cooking, Dipping Or Finishing Sauce
Dairy Or Dairy Alternatives
Dessert Sauces, Toppings And Syrup
Soup, Stew, Bean Or Chili
Vegan Or Gluten-Free Products