The Summer Fancy Food Show is back in New York and bigger than ever. This means more opportunity to discover innovative, smart and just plain delicious new products. After scouring the floor and its bountiful offerings from more than 2,400 exhibitors, these 10 products stood out in our minds and had us yearning for more.

By Eva Meszaros


Part of the Specialty Food Association's Member Candidate program, BettaSnax has created an addictive biscotti chip. Classic biscotti flavors with the light crunch of a chip, a hint of vanilla in the original variety makes this a snack that's tough to stop eating. But with only 90 calories per serving, the guilt needn't kick in. Now in two additional, equally delectable varieties: fruit and nut and s'mores. Behind Aisle 3400, New Brands on the Shelf        

Bonfatto's Spice Cream

It makes so much sense, we're left wondering how it hasn't been around forever: spiced ice cream. A complex combination of frozen sweetness and heat tickles the palate. The heat sneaks up without overwhelming—once the taste buds defrost from the rich French vanilla (a house recipe), the taste of chiles offers a warm finish. Creative flavors include Jumping Jack Apple Splash, with cinnamon apples, Jack Daniels whiskey and pecans; Sweet Peachy Heat Wave, with peaches, hot sauce and granola; and Rolling Berry Blastoff, featuring raspberries and habanero sauce and peanut butter cups. Booth 5235

The Chia Co. Chia Pod

These tiny seeds are everywhere in specialty foods, as evidenced by this year's sofi Awards entrants. A good source of fiber, omega 3 and protein, chia pairs well with real fruit and coconut milk in this single-serve snack pack. Think of it as a nutrient-rich variation on pudding snacks. Enjoy it in banana, blueberry, mango and vanilla bean. Booth 3903

Creative Snacks Co. Broccoli Chips

Have trouble getting your daily dose of veggies? These broccoli chips with white cheddar go down easy. No artificial flavors or colors, no high-fructose corn syrup, gluten-free and cholesterol-free means it's only a little more indulgent than straight veggies. Also in tomato, sweet potato and mixed veggie. Booth 251

Green Wave Smoothie Pops 

Another Member Candidate, Green Wave wants everyone to get their veggies—and enjoy them too. Two refreshing, energizing, nutritious pops include Kalelicious, combining banana, orange, mango and kale, and Greena Colada, with banana, spinach, coconut, lime and pineapple. Perfect for a healthful snack that'll please kids and adults alike. Behind Aisle 3400, New Brands on the Shelf

Harney & Sons Ambessa Tea

Acclaimed chef and this year's sofi Awards keynote speaker Marcus Samuelsson teamed up to create this vibrant collection of African teas. Samuelsson drew inspiration from a desire to change Americans' view of Africa through introducing aspects of its culture and identity—and what better way than through food and drink? The Ambessa line offers four blends, which can be enjoyed hot or iced: Safari Breakfast, Lingonberry Green, Choconut Blend and The Earl of Harlem. Booth 540

Karoun Dairies Kefir Cheese Labne

This spreadable yogurt cheese, typical in Mediterranean cuisine, is gaining in popularity, so Karoun has taken the lead in creating flavored varieties to appeal to even more consumers. Available in three flavors—French onion, creamy ranch and spicy garden vegetable—this spreadable cheese makes for a satisfying dip for bread, chips or crackers, and it can substitute yogurt or sour cream in most recipes. Natural, kosher and rBST-free. Booth 366


Whether you love oatmeal or loathe it, this is an innovative way to get your daily recommended dose of the good stuff. Hidden in sweet smoothie format, ideal for a meal or a hearty snack, Oatworks is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly, plus it contains no added sugar. Choose from pomegranate blueberry, peach mango and strawberry banana. Booth 5609

Pure Bio Energy Drink

Hate energy drinks? Keep reading. Defying the category's notorious chemical tastes, this Austrian brand is ready to shake up the U.S. market. A sweet citrus flavor and USDA organic certification helps this product stand out, as does its ingredient profile: natural mineral water, natural caffeine, organic sugar plus oranges, carrots and peaches. Get ready to change your outlook on energy drinks. Booth 1432

Seattle Chocolates Jcoco Agave Quinoa Sesame

The recently introduced jcoco line of chocolates takes inspiration from the the world of high fashion, from its exquisite ingredient pairings to its bold, eye-catching packaging. One palate-catching flavor in the line is Agave Quinoa Sesame. The puffed quinoa gives this Vanuatu milk chocolate a satisfying crunch that's a bit more firm than puffed rice. Toasted sesame adds depth to the winning flavors. Booth 5136