2013 sofi Gold Winner

Outstanding Jam, Preserve, Honey, Nut Butter

Company: Wildly Delicious Fine Foods

After 18 years in the specialty food business, Canada’s Wildly Delicious Fine Foods has developed hundreds of products. But none has been as challenging as its new Beet & Onion Marmalade.

The team struggled to get the formula right, says Austin Muscat, the company’s COO. The savory marmalade contains just six ingredients: beets, red onion, red wine vinegar, sugar, pectin and citric acids. It was the primary component that vexed the developers.

In the earlier version, “we lost the color,” Muscat explains. “We needed shorter cooking times to get the big, beautiful, perfectly red color we wanted.” And beets are very messy, he notes. “We go through a lot of uniforms. It stains everything in sight.”

Part of the Pure & Simple line, the Beet & Onion Marmalade was conceived as a component for charcuterie plates, but it works just as well as a tenderloin glaze or a condiment for burgers and sausages.

And despite the early setbacks, Muscat says it is exactly that kind of “little-used, holistic, non-conventional ingredient” that inspires his team’s creativity. “We like to find an ingredient and give it a new purpose,” he says.—Colleen Curtis

MSRP: $5.50–$6/9.8 ounces

Website: wildlydelicious.com

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