2013 sofi Gold Winner

Outstanding Hot Beverage

Company: Bhakti Chai

A passion for travel and an interest in community development led Brook Eddy to travel to India in 2002. There, she began researching a movement based on the principles of bhakti, or devotion through social action, and she quickly fell in love with the spicy masala chai ubiquitous in northern India.

On returning to the States, she began brewing it—bottling the fresh, preservative-free, spicy chai in Mason jars. When her homemade brew became popular with friends and neighbors, this single mother of twins dove into the process of bringing consumers a handcrafted artisanal chai steeped in social change.

“We commit to conducting our business practices according to the bhakti principle by allocating a percentage of our annual profits to nonprofit organizations that benefit women, girls and the environment,” says Allison Salvati, spokeswoman for the brand.

Bhakti Chai continues to brew fiery chai from small batches with fresh-pressed organic ginger and fair trade certified black tea. Each ingredient in the spicy brew is rooted in principles of ayurvedic healing, to awaken the palate and other senses. Bhakti Chai comes in both a concentrate to mix 1-to-1 with milk or other dairy and a 16-ounce bottle pre-blended with non-GMO soy.—Deborah Moss

MSRP: $11.99/32 fluid ounces

Website: bhaktichai.com

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