2013 sofi Gold Winner

Outstanding Innovation in Packaging Design or Function

Company: HoneyPax

Growing up on a farm in North Florida, siblings Jason and Julie O’Steen were raised on local, seasonal ingredients such as tupelo honey, a rare varietal that comes from tupelo gum trees, which bloom for two to three weeks each spring on the muddy flats of the Apalachicola River Basin. “My brother and I wanted to bring this taste of tupelo honey beyond our region in a way that speaks to how we live our busy lives,” says Julie O’Steen.

The honey is harvested and removed from the hives by master beekeepers. Location, timing and watchful care of the bees are all essential to producing the purest tupelo possible, which is then packaged at a carbon-neutral facility into convenient 2-teaspoon packaging to make HoneyPax Raw Tupelo Honey Packets. Unlike other individually sized honeys, packaged in plastic, the HoneyPax packets are produced from 100 percent post-consumer recycled unbleached paper, printed with 100 percent water-soluble ink.

Each 10-millimeter packet is embossed with a 4- to 5-digit hive code. With it, consumers can visit the HoneyPax website and locate their honey’s bee yard of origin, and learn more about the North Florida ecosystem where the honey is sourced. “Traceability is important to us,” O’Steen says. “This is our home and we’re so proud of the place we grew up.”—Shira Nanus

MSRP: $10.99/10 packets

Website: honeypax.com

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