2014 sofi Finalist

Outstanding Product Line

Company: Putney House

Six generations of the Cavedoni family have been producing some of Italy’s premier balsamics since 1860, making them one of the oldest producers of traditional balsamic vinegars in Modena, Italy. The six selected artisanal balsamics represent a wide range of flavors:  the Blanco is a lovely white balsamic; the Sigilo Blue has a rich flavor; the most popular, Il Caratello, is an excellent everyday cooking and drizzling balsamic; the Botte Piccola is aged in eight separate oak barrels for a minimum of eight years; Gusto Tartufo is a black truffle-infused balsamic condiment; and the regional specialty, Saba, is a sweet condiment cooked with the flavors of cinnamon, clove, and quince then barrel aged for six months.

MSRP: $12.50 - $825/3.4 ounces - 8.5 ounces

Website: cavedonibalsamic.com

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