In 2016, vegetables, poke, and acai bowls will be in, while pasta increasingly goes out of fashion, according to a report on food trends from foodservice consulting firm Baum+Whiteman.

Around the world, health-conscious consumers are increasingly turning away from high-carb foods such as pastas, opting instead to substitute spiraled vegetables or seek out more nutritious alternatives.

At the same time, vegetables are pushing animal-based proteins off the plate. Consumers are concerned with health and diet, and they also increasingly consider produce a more environmentally friendly choice than meat. Some restaurants are even classifying meat as a side dish.

Acai bowls, made of frozen acai pulp, soy, bananas, and other fruit and topped with granola and seeds, are gaining popularity as a breakfast food. The dish is spreading from Hawaii across the U.S.

Poke, another Hawaiian dish, is also coming to the mainland. The cubed, raw fish—often tuna—is tossed with different kinds of marinades and seasonings. Pokerias opening on the West Coast are offering other seafood poke options, such as scallops, salmon, and octopus.

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Ethnic, spicy, and tart flavors are hot, too, and there has also been a resurgence in dishes inspired by Jewish cuisine.

Snackers are reaching for treats that are more savory than sweet, and even sweetened foods incorporate a spicy element. Full Report