Belgian Boys, the self-proclaimed "Troublemakers of Taste,” have introduced the Changemaker, a snack pack of miniature versions of its original and chocolate stroopwafels and stroopwafels (SRP $0.99/3 cookies). Crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, this original mini Dutch waffle cookie has a caramel filling, while the Choco version is dipped in Belgian Callebaut chocolate. "The Changemaker allows for direct product placement with maximum exposure and minimum needed space,” says Anouck Gotlib, creative director & marketing for the Belgian Boys. “The smaller serving size, flavor combination and customer-friendly price makes for an easy introduction to the product line while capitalizing on impulse purchases."

In February, the company will launch another new offering, called Conebites, mini waffle cones filled with Belgian Callebaut dark chocolate and a creamy milk chocolate fudge (SRP $1.39/cone). In three varieties—caramel, candy, or crunchy hazelnut filling—the product builds on the company's waffle confections. Belgian Boys will showcase the products at the Winter Fancy Food Show.