Whether sweetening snackable chickpeas, espresso beans or potato chips, chocolate ingredients are adding decadence to snack-time. Following are new products that will be exhibited at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

Biena Snacks’ Chocolate-Covered Snackable Chickpeas: Inspired by the insight that consumers today want to indulge but be smart about it, Biena Snacks has introduced a line of Chocolate-Covered Snackable Chickpeas. The new product lineup includes Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate, and each serving offers 4g of protein and 4-5g of fiber. The line will be on store shelves nationwide in July.


Made Good Chocolate Chip Crispy Squares: Made with organic crispy rice and cane sugar, Organic Chocolate Chip Crispy Squares are school-friendly, as they're free from the eight common allergens, including peanuts and tree nuts. Ingredients are ethically sourced and each square contains a serving of hidden vegetables.



Funky Chunky’s Café Trio popcorn: The gourmet snack featuring buttery caramel popcorn drizzled with different types of chocolate, will introduce new and unexpected flavors of its Funky Chunky Café Trip: Caramel Latte, Vanilla Sweet Crème, and Dark Chocolate Mocha. Each flavor features chocolate covered espresso beans to satisfy coffee lovers and chocoholics alike.


Rick’s Chips’ Kiss Chips: Rick’s Chips, known for seasonal potato chips like Halloween ghost and bat-shaped Boo Chips, will be launching its first year-round potato chip. The Kiss Chips are 3-D, heart-shaped potato chips coated in milk chocolate and sea salt, resulting in a solution for all salty, sweet, and crunchy snack cravings. Each bag is 5 ounces, and is well-sized to clip strip by the potato chips and chocolate bars.


Safely Delicious’ Mocha Bites: Safely Delicious has recently launched two new flavors for tasting on the Show floor: Mocha Bites, chocolate with a kick of coffee; and Raspberry Bites, a burst of tangy-sweet raspberries mixed into rich dark chocolate. These new flavors are part of the current Safely Delicious portfolio, including Minty Bites, Dark Bites, and Classic Bites. All Safely Delicious snacks are gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, soy-free, and egg-free.


For more chocolate products, search the Fancy Food Show app or my.fancyfoodshows.com or visit the Product Marketplace on specialtyfood.com.