Nearly half of registered dietitians believe consumers will be less interested in dieting and more interested in mindful eating in 2017, according to the results of the What's Trending in Nutrition survey conducted by Pollock Communications and Today's Dietitian magazine. Registered dietitians report that consumers will be less concerned about the food trends of previous years, including foods that are GMO-free, sustainable, or gluten-free. They believe this is a result of food label transparency and more companies changing their ingredient deck. Rather, dietitians believe consumers will be looking for more sodium-free and sugar-free options in 2017.

In addition, 59 percent of dietitians say consumers will seek out foods that are less processed and more whole foods, including vegetables, fruits, ancient grains and green tea. They will also choose seeds and nuts, avocado, fermented foods, ancient grains, kale, green tea, coconut products, exotic fruits and salmon. Dietitians believe cost continues to be the largest barrier when making food purchasing decisions, and they recommend affordability and availability of nutritious food in low-income areas. 

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