The European Commission is studying whether insects would be a viable alternative to animal feed.

About 30 percent of farmland is used for growing crops that feed livestock, but if insects were used, much less land would be needed and it would take much less time to produce.

Elaine Fitches, project coordinator for PROteINSECT, a European Commission-funded study, says soy for feed takes a few months to grow, but fly larvae can be grown in a matter of days. The insects could also be grown locally in areas where soy is largely imported.

Some of the concerns are that regulators have not identified the risks of such an endeavor yet, so there are no regulations in place. There is also the issue of making meat fed with bugs appealing to consumers.

Fitches believes people would be open to it, saying the attitude has been positive so far because people are willing to overlook that insects are involved if it means they can have sustainable protein, reports Fast Company. Full Story