Look for a shop selling all-natural, allergen sensitive baked treats coming to 29th & S streets in Sacramento around Valentine's Day. Pushkin's Bakery will sell cookies, cakes, donuts, macarons and more - all made gluten and dairy free. The bakery will be run by the husband-wife team of Danny and Olga Turner. They currently sell a line of all-natural baked goods which are sold commercially throughout northern California, and rent a commissary kitchen to produce their goods. That will change in February, when the two are slated to take over the space now occupied by The Frosted Cake Shop, which is adjacent to Revolution Wines and Temple Coffee at the edge of midtown. The recipes come from Olga, a Russian native who created them as a way to make sweet treats for Danny, who suffers from various food allergies. As their business has grown, the two have left their day jobs to concentrate on Pushkin's Bakery. "It started with being asked to cater parties, then stores wanted to carry our products and it's turned into what it is now," stated Danny Turner. "We're excited to have a place that will be 100 percent ours." Their bakery will be fully dedicated to gluten and dairy free products, as to prevent cross-contamination issues. Also look for a line of pumpkin bread, lemon poundcake and full-sized cakes. Once Pushkin's Bakery opens, the shop will employ only two people: Danny and Olga Turner. "It'll be a total husband-and-wife thing for the time being," stated Danny Turner. "We're excited to get one on one with our customers." Full Story