The almond is having a bit of a renaissance as more companies look to use it to create healthier products. However, green almonds are finding a niche market with specialty consumers and chefs looking to incorporate the early-stage nut into their recipes. 

Stewart & Jasper starting selling the delicacy a few years ago after renowned dessert chef and food author Priscilla Martel contacted the company about supplying chefs with the product. Today, most of its California-grown green almonds are sent to celebrity chefs and upscale restaurants on the East Coast--and were even sold in Trader Joe's for a short time.

Green almonds are mainly a Mediterranean delicacy, and typically are soaked in brine and rolled in sea salt. They're described as having a a grape-like texture and tasting similar to cucumbers. The company notes the picking process is very labor intensive, and sales of the product only account for a minuscule portion of production, but it draws attention to the business' other products and lines, which has increased demand, reports WestsideConnect.comFull Story

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