Keurig Green Mountain will change the plastic combination in the billions of K-cup single-serving coffee pods it sells annually, by 2020, in an effort to improve its ecological footprint. The company's chief sustainability officer, Monique Oxender, noted the goal is 100 percent diversion from landfills by curbside recycling. The company believes that in the future, consumers will brew, peel and empty the pods before recyling them.

Analysts believe the switch may not be enough to boost Keurig's sales, which have stalled after years of growth. Pablo Zuanic, an analyst with Susquehanna International Group, says he's not sure if the new pods will improve demand, noting "The bigger issue for Keurig is that there are not enough affordable Keurig machines, and so volume is not growing much." Zuniac believes the company needs to lower the cost of the brewers to below $79 to entice more buyers, reports The Washington PostFull Story

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