The renovation means more products and prepared food offerings.

By Eva Meszaros

A neighborhood staple for more than 70 years, Murray’s Cheese in New York City’s Greenwich Village recently got a facelift for modern times and expansion opportunities. The company’s flagship store unveiled a remodel in June, featuring an added 1,000 square feet of space for a total 2,600 square feet.

More than doubling its space, the specialty store has added a number of new features. While grilled cheese sandwiches have long been popular among customers at the cheese counter, Murray’s built a free-standing grilled cheese bar with a new menu of 16 sandwiches and salads, says rep Deena Siegelbaum.

Murray's Cheese RemodelingAn all-new yogurt bar hones in on savory flavors, such as kimchi and tomato, getting a jumpstart on a burgeoning trend. Olives have a larger presence with a new olive bar in the space that used to be the shop’s cramped kitchen space. That part of the operation has moved downstairs from street level, quadrupling space for the prepared foods staff.

The basement level was previously home to one of the company’s main attractions: a cheese-aging cave. The shelves of cheese wheels have been moved to an off-site facility in Long Island City, N.Y., an industrial area of the Queens borough. The new makeshift caves have given the company more than double the space at more than 1,000 square feet—which the company is already outgrowing, Siegelbaum notes.

The shop continues to offering an inviting atmosphere, with about a dozen bar seats on the main floor for patrons to enjoy a coffee or bite. Community classes continue, from Cheese 101 to pairing lessons with beer, wine, and whiskey.

 Murray's Cheese Remodeling