Popcorn has a lot going for it these days. From revisiting classic flavors and creating new ones to touting health benefits and fun features, kernel-popping has never been so innovative. Here are some of the latest products to consider.

479° Popcorn P.I.Y. Kit. Half the fun of popcorn is the popping, so 479° Popcorn has ingeniously packed together all the necessary components for making and flavoring the movie-time snack in the comfort of home with its Pop It Yourself kits. Available in Sweet + Savory and Black Truffle, the kit includes 32 ounces of organic heirloom popcorn kernels, La Tourangelle flavored oil, gourmet seasonings and old-timey glossed paper cones for easy serving. GMO- and trans fat–free. 479popcorn.com

Amazing Grazing Popcorn Ball. This huge 4-inch orb of popcorn is perfect for kids or nostalgic adults. Amazing Grazing’s best-selling product has a century-old story behind it, having first appeared in 1897 at the Euclid Beach Amusement Park in Ohio. Customers can choose between All Natural and Golden Caramel (sweetened with honey). The family-run business grows its own corn to make the popcorn products, which also include Butter Toffee Crunch and Triple Trouble Chocolate Drizzle. amazinggrazinginc.com

Artisan Candies Flavored Caramel Corn. Old-fashioned style with a twist is the theme in Artisan Candies’ new line of Flavored Caramel Corn. This confectioner’s founding product was a family recipe for caramel, which now shines in this sweet popcorn snack. The Flavored Caramel Corn is made in small batches, using only natural ingredients, including butter, brown sugar and natural flavors and no preservatives. The line of five flavors includes Salted, with a hint of vanilla; Java Almond, made with coffee and amaretto; Chocolate; Pecan Rum; and Pecan Rum with Bacon. artisancandies.com

Dishoom Foods Cobra Corn. Bringing a spicy, South Asian twist to an American treat, Cobra Corn’s Mumbai Masala popcorn is seasoned with a blend of 10 Indian spices. With no artificial flavors or colors, Cobra Corn delivers bold taste without chemicals and additives. It also contains no trans fat, cholesterol or preservatives and is a good source of fiber. Founder Mihir Shah uses his mother’s secret recipe, which she created when trying to combine his desire for American food with traditional Indian flavors. cobracorn.com

Kernel Season’s Popcorn Seasoning. Calling for “No More Naked Popcorn” Kernel Season’s offers plenty of ways to dress up a bowl of the salty snack. Among the 17 flavorings to choose from are savory options, such as White Cheddar, Barbeque and Jalapeño, as well as sweets, like Chocolate Marshmallow, Caramel and Apple Cinnamon. Each all-natural seasoning comes with the added benefit of fewer calories than its real counterpart. Kernel Season’s also sells its own kernels, seasoned popcorn in several varieties, and accessories like bottled Movie Theatre Butter and even home popcorn machines. kernelseasons.com

Lehi Valley Crave Canyon Popcorn. This snack maker has revitalized the popcorn market. Bright packaging complements the five bold flavors that make up this line, each with a playful and memorable name. Bit O’ Land & Sea is flavored with cane juice and sea salt kettle corn; From Olde England with a Kiss adds a “kiss” of anise; Hatch Has Met Its Match pairs aged white cheddar with a kick of hatch green chile; Tomato, Tomäto, Pomodoro combines sun-dried tomato, Asiago and herbs; and To Be Eaten Gingerly, Wasabi-San adds a gentle dose of ginger and wasabi. Crave Canyon popcorn uses 100 percent whole grain and non-GMO corn with little to no saturated fat and cholesterol and zero trans fats. cravecanyon.com

Metropolitan Bakery “Grown-up” Caramel Corn. The classically trained duo behind the eponymous Philadelphia bakery has developed a sophisticated and addicting take on popcorn. This line of sweet-and-savory snacks takes inspiration from “mature” flavors: Stout with Smoked Almonds brings the malt and chocolate undertones of stout beer, Bourbon-Infused is nut-free and an addicting accompaniment to its sweet caramel, and Spiced Peanut Butter combines a childhood favorite (plus whole peanuts) with a curry kick. metropolitanbakery.com

Oogie’s Gourmet Popcorn Kettle Corn. Classic options still get a share of the spotlight, such as with Oogie’s recent introduction of its sweet and salty Kettle Corn, in sea-salted Original and Sticks & Stonez, which adds pretzel sticks to the mix. Both are cholesterol- and trans fat–free and kosher, and they’re available in 2-ounce and 8-ounce bags. Also check out Oogie’s other gourmet popcorn flavors, such as Cracked Pepper & Asiago and Spicy Chipotle & Lime. oogiesnacks.com

Sunflower Food Company Farmers Popcorn Cob. These Kansas-grown corn cobs need only a few minutes in the microwave, just like bagged popcorn, but they're much more fun to watch. The ingredient list contains nothing but pure corn, so each 150-calorie cob makes for a healthy, tasty snack for kids and adults—high in fiber and protein, and no saturated fat, trans fat or sodium. Available individually wrapped and in 3-packs from the gourmet snack maker of seeds, nuts and other salty and sweet treats. sunflowerfoodcompany.com

Urban Accents Popcorn Seasonings and Drizzles. Please any palate with Urban Accents’ six seasonings and two drizzle toppings that’ll give popcorn (and even other foods) a boost. The company’s creative seasoning flavors include Tangy Dill Pickle and Spicy Chili Lime, while the drizzles bring a dose of richness with Chocolate Cherry and Buttery Caramel Corn. Urban Accents also offers charming gift packs, such as the Cheesy Popcorn Seasoning Duo, which pairs up its White Cheddar and Cracked Pepper & Asiago seasonings, and the Movie Night Popcorn Set, which packs together 16 ounces of White Gold kernels, three seasonings and a grapeseed oil spritzer for added light flavor. urbanaccents.com

Wabash Valley Farms Packaged Popcorn. At the heart of a delicious bowl of popcorn are the kernels themselves. Wabash Valley Farms is home to an array of kernel varieties, available in 1-, 2- and 6-pound packages. From kettle corn to low-salt to fireside popping kits, there’s a popcorn for any occasion and preference. Try tender, hull-free Jack’s Red Strawberry Popcorn, grown in the Midwest, or the Popcorn 4 Pack Sampler, featuring Big & Yellow, Tender & White, Vintage Red and the rainbow-colored Flavorful Medley. wfarms.com