Consumer Reports has released the findings of a survey that showed 73 percent of consumers seek out foods labeled as “natural” when making food-purchasing decisions, while 58 percent of consumers seek out the organic label.

The number of consumers seeking the natural label is notable, considering that Consumer Reports’ 2014 survey showed that just 59 percent of consumers looked for the natural label and 49 percent looked for organic. In addition, Consumer Reports in March released findings from a 2015 survey that showed that nearly two-thirds of shoppers believe the natural label means more than it does and nearly half incorrectly believe that natural claims on food labels can be independently verified. The majority of consumers in this survey, as well as those in a 2014 survey, expect processed foods labeled “natural” to contain no artificial ingredients or processing aids, no toxic pesticides, or no GMOs. Eighty-six percent of consumers believe genetically modified food should be labeled before being sold. 

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