This year's Winter Fancy Food Show has drawn to a close, but not without the Specialty Food Media editors finding a few more intriguing new products worth a second look (and taste).

Back to the Roots, famed for its Grow Your Own Mushroom Garden, has harnessed the power of nature with a new aquaponic herb garden. What looks like a contemporary fish tank-turned-artwork is actually a perfectly balanced ecosystem: Fish (not included) produce waste that feeds the plants set on top of the tank, while the plants clean the water for the fish. Learn about the environment while growing fresh herbs without little to no effort. This product retails for $60 and will begin shipping in late February/early March.

HimalaSalt and The Spice Lab have each introduced an elegant—and useful—presentation of Himalayan pink salt: carved salt shot glasses. Stunning to display, these swirled rosy pink glasses give shots a salty touch. HimalaSalt glasses hold 2 ounces and retail for $32 for four glasses, while The Spice Lab's hold 1.5 ounces and retail for $30 for a set of four.

Sophie's Kitchen served up vegan seafood: surprisingly accurate texture and good flavor courtesy of the Japanese konjac, or elephant yam, which is low in calories and high in fiber. Among the sampled products were vegan shrimp and breaded vegan fish fillets, a top seller. The line of seven products includes several soy-free and gluten-free varieties.

Stack Wines refashions the classic wine bottle into a party-friendly novelty, while keeping up the elegance. This "bottle" of vino, available in cabernet sauvignon, merlot, chardonnay and pinot grigio, comprises four stemless wine glasses stacked atop one another. Just unzip the packaging, and serve these pre-portioned glasses—no corkscrew required. Retails for $14.99.

Stonyfield Organic combines its own popular yogurt with trendy Greek yogurt to create Stonyfield Organic Blends, a product that takes the best of both worlds to target multiple segments. Available in lowfat and fat-free varieties, such as French vanilla, Peach Mango and Black Cherry, Blends pack in real fruit and contain more protein than regular yogurt while distinguishing itself from Greek yogurt as well.