Day One at the 38th annual Winter Fancy Food Show flew by for the 1,300 exhibitors who were championing a vast array of new and classic products. Long-time members showed off new wares, while first-time exhibitors radiated enthusiasm.

This show welcomes more than 100 new exhibitors. Among them are maker of beer-infused confections Steve Casselman of Beercandy (Booth 784), who says he deliberated about participating. “Is it worth the while, is the space worth the money? You’ve got to make all those decisions,” he says. “And the answer is absolutely yes.”

New products ran the gamut, from innovative beverages to beneficial new technologies. Here are a few highlights discovered so far by the editors of Specialty Food Media:


Boat Street Pickles brings back one of its original products, Pickled Red Onion, which faced logistical issues as the business grew in recent years. (Learn more in Specialty Food Magazine's spotlight on this Seattle-based business.) Made with real red onion, apple cider vinegar, cane sugar and beet juice, this unique product is a highly versatile specialty ingredient. Booth 5501

Grace&i (pictured right) delivers a product captivating as much for its appearance as its taste. Fruit-and-nut presses bear the elegance of pressed flowers in compacting dried figs, apples and plums with an assortment of nuts into a colorful complement to any cheese spread. Booth 4847

Hot-Can (pictured below) gives consumers a hot meal, or drink, at any time with its special heating technology in every can. Ideal for camping and other trips or long drives, each can of soup, coffee or cocoa contains a chamber of limestone and water that, when activated (by pressing down on the chamber and shaking), heats up the contents in minutes. Booth 5514

Hot Can

Joia Life (pictured top) puts a spin on a traditionally sweet beverage with herb- and spice-infused sodas. More lightly carbonated than typical sodas, these drinks include such flavors as Lime Hibiscus & Clove, top-selling Grapefruit Chamomile & Cardamom and the newest lower-sugar additions, Orange Jasmine & Nutmeg and Ginger Apricot & Allspice. Booth 4820

Miracle Frooties harness the palate-altering properties of the so-called Miracle Fruit berry, native to West Africa. When consumed, this berry (produced in tablet form) tricks taste buds into finding sour foods sweet: sour cream tastes like whipped cream, lemons like candy. A fun novelty, this product also offers potential medical benefits: for diabetics, as Miracle Frooties do not affect sugar levels in foods, and for people undergoing chemotherapy or taking certain medications that result in a metallic taste in the mouth. New Brands on the Shelf (Gateway Ballroom)