SIAL Canada, an annual international food and beverage trade show, was held last week at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto with 646 exhibitors from 45 countries and a reported nearly 14,000 attendees. Among distinctive products on display was the SIAL Innovations gallery, a global food trends observatory. Food products appearing in the area are judged by an independent panel on the five global trend themes:

  • Pleasure: products causing desire or cravings
  • Health: products with beneficial effects or risk prevention
  • Physical: products to take care of one’s appearance or mental state
  • Convenience: products that are effective in use or adaptation to new ways of life
  • Ethics: products focused on others or on one’s environment

Innovative Products at the Show

Liquid Salt - SIAL Trends

Here are 10 innovative products from the show, several of which were featured in the SIAL Innovations area, with their corresponding global trend(s):

1. A Acadien Atlantic’s Smoked Atlantic Salmon Pate (Canada)

Frozen smoked salmon pate packaged in individual servings, sold three per pack. (Convenience, Pleasure)

2. Acetificio Mengazzoli Liquid Salt (Italy)

Liquid salt available in a 100 ml spray bottle that allows for even dispersion. Available with black or red salt from Hawaii, grey salt from the Atlantic and pink salt from the Himalayas. (Convenience, Pleasure)

Minioliva - SIAL Trends

3. Alcala Oliva Minioliva (Spain)

Salad dressings packaged in individual olive-shaped pods. Available in vinaigrette made with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. (Convenience, Pleasure)

SIAL Trends

4. CPPARM Poive de Cassis (France)

A peppery spice made from freeze-dried and ground blackcurrant buds. (Pleasure) 

5. FoodBiotic Eau de Safran Safaneo (France)

Saffron water in a spray dispenser that acts as a finisher to spray on meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables just before serving. It also works on desserts or in beverages. (Convenience, Health, Pleasure)

Banana Cinnamon Spice - SIAL Trends

6. Four O’Clock Tea (Canada)

A new limited-edition winter collection, which features an innovative banana cinnamon spice flavor, a continuation of the banana trend identified by trendspotters as one of the Top 5 trends from the Winter Fancy Food Show. The tea, which contains, cinnamon bark, cocoa shells, natural banana flavor, ginger root, cardamom, cloves and black pepper, is part of a four tea collection that also includes gingerbread, almond biscotti and truffle mint. (Pleasure)

7. Gingras Bourbon Reserve Vinegar (Canada)

Apple cider vinegar aged for one year in a bourbon cask and made from apples grown at a fourth-generation estate in Quebec. Also available in the line are original (aged for up to 12 years) and raspberry. (Pleasure)

8. Groix & Nature Huile de Homard lobster oil (France)

Olive oil infused with cooked lobster shells, spices and herbs. It can be used for seasoning pasta, salads and seafood and well as for dressing sushi or tartar. (Convenience, Pleasure)

9. The Canadian Birch Company Birch Syrup (Canada)

Birch syrup made by a family business on the edge of Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba. Available in amber and dark varieties, the syrup can be used to top ice cream or cheese cake or use as a marinade on meat. (Pleasure)

10. Triballat Noyal Sojade Riz Ultra-Frais (France)

An organic specialty dessert made with sweetened fermented rice, available in apricot, strawberry, blackcurrant, mango and passion fruit. It contains no lactose or gluten and is naturally low in fat. (Health, Pleasure)

View more products in this full list of Finalists in SIAL Canada’s Innovation Awards.

Global Food Consumption Trends

In tracking trends across the globe, SIAL pinpointed emerging consumption habits and interests by continent. Here are a few discoveries:
  • Products that address children’s growth and development are of interest in Europe, which has seen a particular boom in energy drinks targeted to teens.
  • Heart health and digestion are other areas of interest. The continent seems ripe for innovation in products aimed for maturing populations, such as those that address bone mass and density or improve memory.
  • In North America, where obesity remains an issue, consumers are seeking solutions for weight management.
  • Asia is very focused on products that address proper development in children.
  • Convenience is important worldwide. Every region wants practical products that promote simpler preparation, time savings, multi-uses, or on the go consumption.