An Orlando, Fla.-based company, Legal Lean, has introduced Coco Loko, a snortable powder that looks like hot chocolate mix. Snorting chocolate is a European trend that has received international attention for the last decade. The cacoa (not cocoa) powder is processed at a lower heat than cocoa to retain more beneficial nutrients. Raw cacoa contains anandamide and phenylethylamine, which lift the mood, flavonoids that boost cognition, and magnesium to relax the muscle. Coco Loko is cut with energy drink stimulants guarana and taurine, and the label lists B vitamins, ginkgo biloba and amino acid L-Arginine. The product is being sold alongside candy bars and energy pills at local shops. It has 10 servings and a list price of $24.99.

The Drug Enforcement Administration previously said it is unable to regulate snortable chocolate, as it only regulates controlled substances, and the Food and Drug Administration said it only regulates food if it’s marketed for customary consumption, reports U.S. News & World ReportFull Story

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