New York, NY, June 28, 2015 -- To showcase Uruguay’s importance as a producer of high-quality and naturally produced foods for the United States and the world, Uruguay is participating for the second time in a row in the Summer Fancy Food Show, America’s largest specialty food trade show.

Tempting American palates at the fair will be such Uruguayan gourmet products as Del Terruno free-range, grass-fed beef; Traversa Vinos Finos wines; Estuario del Plata caviar; Colinas del Garzon extra-virgin olive oils; and Talar cheeses.

In honor of Uruguay’s presence at the Fancy Food Show, New York restaurant Estela, voted one of the top 100 restaurants in the world and one of the best new restaurants in the United States, incorporated Uruguayan products into the tasting menu of its June 27 brunch. Estela's chef, Ignacio Mattos, is Uruguayan.

Located in South America’s Southern Cone and bathed in the waters of the South Atlantic, Uruguay is a country of green prairies, clean air, abundant rainfall, fertile soils, clean waters and low population density, enabling the country to obtain excellent yields in farming, livestock production and fishing. An impressive 95 percent of Uruguay’s territory is suitable for agriculture and cattle raising.

Uruguay is the seventh largest beef and caviar exporter and the eighth largest rice exporter worldwide, proof that more and more international consumers are recognizing the quality of the nation’s food products. In 2014, Uruguayan exports of food and beverages totaled US$426 million, 14 percent more than in the previous year. Food and beverages represented 65.8 percent of Uruguay’s 2014 exports to the United States. The United States is Uruguay’s third most important food and beverage export market, with frozen meat and honey among the most popular products.

Uruguay is also setting world standards for traceability and denomination of origin. The country is the first in Latin America to establish denominations of origin for wine and map the locations of all its grape varietals, and a world pioneer in tracing the production processes of its most important food products from field to plate.

Uruguayan beef is recognized worldwide for its high quality and taste, a testament to the country’s commitment to natural production and food security. Cattle are free range and grass-fed, and Uruguay is proud to be the only country in the world to monitor 100 percent of the beef production chain, tracking animals from birth until their meat is sold to the consumer. Conexion Ganadera supplies the US market its quality-certified, premium meats under the brand Del Terruno.

Uruguay is the only caviar producer in the Southern Hemisphere. Estuario del Plata, an innovator in this luxury food segment, rears its sturgeons in fresh river water in a sustainable manner, mimicking the natural environment of wild sturgeon to achieve a product that rivals wild caviar in quality and taste.

Uruguay’s history as a wine producer goes back more than 250 years. Its wines, particularly those made from the country's signature grape, the Tannat, have garnered some of the most prestigious awards in the world. Uruguay is the first country in Latin America to establish denominations of origin and map out all its grape varietals. Traversa Vinos Finos, a family-owned winery already exporting to many countries in the world, is the only winery in Uruguay that generates 100 percent of its energy from solar and other renewable sources.

Uruguay is also hailed for the high quality of its citrus, honey, poultry, dairy products and olive oils. Agroland's Colinas de Garzon extra-virgin olive oils, for example, placed eighth in the world in the most recent World's Best Olive Oils ranking, with its Italian blend receiving the highest ranking of any producer outside Europe. Between 2013 and 2014, Colinas de Garzon has garnered more than 40 of the most prestigious international distinctions.

Talar is known for its aged cheeses, dulce de leche and other quality dairy products, marrying tradition and cutting-edge production methods to meet the most stringent international standards. All Talar’s products are traceable from the consumer’s table all the way back to the grain fed to its cows.

Uruguay invites show attendees to stop by Stand 1127, Hall 3E to sample and learn more about its products.