Meatballs, dumplings, and sausage will become more popular in 2016, according to Technomic's list of food trends.

The "use it all" mindset and rising prices of animal proteins also will make underutilized cuts of meat more popular, such as stewing cuts and organ meats.

New types of spicy foods and charred flavors will be on the rise as customers gravitate towards unique and ethnic items. Sriracha will continue to be prominent, while other flavors will emerge, such as ghost pepper, sambal, and sumac.

Quick-service restaurants will offer more customization and go upscale their food, while companies like Uber and Amazon make delivery more common.

The supply chain will continue to be modernized, due to increasingly frequent stresses, such as 2015's Florida orange freeze and the avian flu-related egg shortage.

The demand for local and fresh foods will also create a need for more consolidation, centralization, and long shelf life.

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