[TRAVER, CA, January 18, 2017]Vintage Cheese Company announced today that it has acquired Tumalo Farms of Bend, OR in November, 2015 and will begin selling Tumalo Farms goat milk cheeses to their combined customer base. Both companies have been working together for the last seven months to move the Tumalo Farms operation from Central Oregon to Central California where Vintage Cheese Company has its production facility. Vintage Cheese Company spent the last seven months implementing Tumalo Farms’ recipes under the guidance of Flavio DeCastilhos, the founder of Tumalo Farms and began production of the cheeses early this year.

With the sale, there will be no change in business, and distributors will continue to be able to order award-winning Tumalo Farms cheese. The company’s reputable decade-old brand, recipes and customer base have all been obtained by Vintage Cheese.

“It is very bittersweet to say goodbye to the company that my team and I have built over the years,” states DeCastilhos. “However, I am extremely confident in Vintage Cheese to take on Tumalo Farms and continue to represent the brand in its highest regard. Knowing that distributors and wholesalers will get the same great artisan cheeses without any disruption is very important to me.”

This acquisition allows Vintage Cheese Company to add a proven line of artisanal, award winning goat cheeses and national recognition to its existing lines of Jersey cow and sheep milk cheeses they already produce. The larger production facility and access to a larger source of goat’s milk allows for increased production of Tumalo Farms’ line of products while still maintaining the open vat, handmade operation that made both companies successful. Vintage Cheese’s extensive HACCP program combined with easier access to independent audit certification and convenient shipping location will provide easier and faster access to a larger market distribution network at lower shipping costs.

“We are thrilled to take on Tumalo Farms and continue the success of its predecessor, continuing to make the same great cheese that has made Tumalo Farms what it is today,” said Ryan Davis of Vintage Cheese.  “We’re ready to fill these big shoes using the best available ingredients and most talented cheesemakers, resulting in unforgettable cheeses. We believe the combined set of products gives us an excellent opportunity in the artisanal cheese market”, added Davis.

Mr. DeCastilhos will remain with Vintage Cheese Company for the next two years in an advisory capacity to help with customer transition and production training.


Vintage Cheese began making cheese in 2011 and has grown into one of the largest open vat, handmade, artisanal cheese makers on the west coast. The combined lists of products include 25 different cheeses from cow, goat and sheep milk including mixed milk cheeses as well.

Vintage Cheese Company was founded on the idea that in order to get exceptional cheeses the artisan cheese maker and the dairy must both work together with a vested interest in a producing exceptional cheeses. So with that in mind Vintage Cheese Company set out to form a partnership with our Artisan cheese maker and three dairies. One specializing in Jersey Cow Milk, one specializing in Goat Milk, and one specializing in Sheep Milk. Today all three dairies and our production facility make up Vintage Cheese Company.

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