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Brooklyn Brew Shop, LLC

Our beer making kits make brewing feel more like cooking by scaling the process down to a stovetop-friendly size while using the same fresh whole ingredients found in the most respected craft breweries around the world. The kits and seasonal ingredient mixes simplify beer-making without dumbing it down and makes it possible to brew high quality craft beer at home no matter how big or small someone’s kitchen.

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 5906)

We started the Brooklyn Brew Shop out of the Brooklyn Flea in the summer of 2009 to get space-strapped New Yorkers brewing. With the idea that making beer (real beer from real ingredients) can be simple, tasty, and most important, fun, we created stylish, easy-to-use Beer Making Kits designed especially for stove-top brewing and ingredient mixes for seasonally inspired beers. Our goal is to get everyone brewing by simplifying the beer making process without dumbing it down.


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Brooklyn Brew Shop, LLC
Brooklyn Brew Shop, LLC
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Owner & Co-Founder
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Brooklyn Brew Shop, LLC
April 19

FarmSteady Everything Bagel and Cream...

Everything you need to make a dozen everything bagels and homemade cultured cream cheese all in one convenient package for the whole family. Rope, loop and boil your own bagels from scratch and followup with a schmear of homemade cream cheese to recreate an NYC classic in your very own kitchen. Half cheese making kit and half baking kit—it’s all delicious. (Everything bagels not your first choice? Don’t worry. You can make ‘em plain too.)