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The Poseidon Group Int'l LLC

The Poseidon Group produces, curates, imports and markets premium, all natural and organic products. Our award-winning products include our Cham Cold Brew Teas (which we locally produce in the USA) and Eulogia premium and organic Greek honeys. Awards include: Cham Cold Brew Teas - 2017 Silver sofi™ Award for Best RTD Cold Beverage - 2016 NEXTY Award Finalist for Best New Beverage Eulogia Organic Greek Fir Honey - 2013 Opera's Favorite Things List - 2013 Silver sofi™ Award for Outstanding Honey, Jam, Preserve or Nut Butter

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 5632)

ChamCold Brew Teas

Cham | Calm  A refreshing modern take on an old classic tisane, chamomile has been used for centuries to calm the soul and mind.  Our Greek chamomile thrives in the Mediterranean terroir under an abundance of sunshine until is it is hand-harvested in the early spring. Harnessing the benefits of raw honey and citrus, we’ve crafted an aromatic, soothing and refreshing tea that is not only delicious, but good for you!

Cham | Revitalize  An invigorating elixir of cold brewed superfruits and hibiscus bursting with a vibrant fruity taste and delightfully sweet  aroma.  Mildly tart berry undertones are balanced out by the sweetness of dried apples, South African honeybush and raw honey, making for a harmonious journey of the senses. This luscious, full-bodied tonic will help to elegantly relinquish everyday pollutants and will clear the path to inner rejuvenation.

Cham | Defense  Mountain tea (sideritis) has been used for centuries for its multitude of benefits that maintain a healthy immune system.  Known for its high levels of antioxidants while containing large amounts of essential oils and a broad range of other phyto-nutrients including flavonoids, polyphenols, alkaloids, sterols, caffeic acid and quercetin.  Heavily revered by the ancient Greeks for its properties, it was even used to treat wounds caused by iron weapons during fierce battles, hence its alternate name, Ironwort. Staying true to tradition, our mountain tea is hand-picked from elevations exceeding 3,900 feet in the rocky mountains of central Greece. This single varietal, unprocessed super herb produces a distinctly aromatic and refreshingly delicious tisane.

Why Cold Brew Tea?Cold brewed tea differs from its hot counterpart which in essence “cooks” the tea, forcefully extracting flavors while changing its original composition and definitively altering its taste.  Our herbal teas are cold brewed in small batches using only the highest quality whole ingredients creating the freshest and best tasting teas available.

• Cold Brew

• All Natural Whole Ingredients - No added preservatives or colors

• USDA Organic (August 2017)

• Non-GMO Verified

• Paleo Certified

• Lightly Sweetened with Raw Honey

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The Poseidon Group Int'l LLC
Georgia Masouras


The Poseidon Group Int'l LLC
July 08

Cham Cold Brew Tea - Ginger Palmer

As the summer temperatures rise, cool down with our modern twist on the classic half and half that will keep you hydrated on these hot and sticky summer days. Ultra smooth and robust, our premium organic cold brewed black tea is elevated by the refreshing citrus notes of cold pressed lemons and supercharged with a shot of ginger. America’s favorite summertime thirst quencher just got an upgrade!

The Poseidon Group Int'l LLC
June 28

Cham Cold Brew Tea - Defense

A single varietal, unprocessed superherb, mountain tea (ironwort) has been used for centuries for its multitude of benefits that maintain a healthy immune system. This aromatic and refreshingly delicious tisane is hand picked from elevations exceeding 3,900 ft in the rocky mountains of central Greece.