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City Saucery

City Saucery manufactures unique, all-natural tomato (plant) based sauces for the savvy shopper that is not only looking for easy and delicious compliments for their meals, but also cares about where their food comes from. Our all-purpose sauces are made from regional ingredients that are responsibly grown and are NON GMO. They can be used as a base for a wide variety of dishes or as stand-alone pasta sauces. NONNA'S SAUCES: A line of four very unique all-purpose tomato sauces slowly disrupting the pasta sauce category by not offering the typical lineup of predictable marinaras. Instead, offering unique, ingredient focused and on-trend flavor profiles encouraging consumers to ‘think outside the pasta box’. We only use locally grown vine-ripened Jersey Fresh tomatoes, not tomato pastes or purees, only whole vegetables and unexpected ingredients like organic miso, kale, pimentón and fresh Calabrian chili peppers.

From the 61st Summer Fancy Food Show 2015 (booth 4862)

Inspired by Calabria. Handcrafted in NYC. 


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City Saucery
City Saucery
Jorge Moret


City Saucery
April 19

Tomato 'Nduja

Inspired by 'nduja (pro: in-doo-ya), a traditional spicy pork spread from Calabria, Italy; this meatless version is a delicious combination of sweet vine-ripened tomatoes and fiery hot chili peppers. A thick paste that will add heat, flavor, and umami to any dish. A little bit goes a very long way!