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The Epic Source Food Company LLC

LaLoo's Ice Cream is a real diary option for the growing demand of consumers with lactose and digestive issues. We are the only CPG goat milk ice cream on the national market that fills the demand of 50 million + lactose sensitive consumers.

From the 62nd Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 (booth 473)

LaLoo’s Goat's Milk Ice Cream is rich, creamy and indulgent, yet natural and wholesome. Signature flavors include Vanilla Snowflake, Deep Chocolate, Rumplemints and Capraccino. With gourmet ingredients such as Madgascar vanilla, Scharffen Berger chocolate and fresh organic garden mint, there’s true love in every flavor.  The bold flavor in the Capraccino comes from fresh Italian express beans, roasted just three weeks before being shipped for production. All of the flavors are stellar stand-alones or fantastic for pairing with fresh fruits, nuts, maple syrup, coconut flakes and scores of other delicious toppings. 

LaLoo is the childhood nickname of LaLoo’s creator Laura Howard-Geyton. Laura started making goat’s milk ice cream because she couldn’t find any on the market. What she created was something truly special— truly delicious, but easier to digest and lower in fat than cow’s milk ice cream. Her efforts resulted in a win-win situation for all ice cream lovers: a product with all the health benefits of goat’s milk coupled with the texture and flavor you long for in your favorite scoop.


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The Epic Source Food Company LLC
The Epic Source Food Company LLC
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