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The Zen of Slow Cooking

At the heart of a delicious dining experience are the spices that bring ingredients to life. With that in mind, Jane McKay (co-founder of "the zen of slow cooking") created our signature whole spice infusions ( a combination of organic and free from irradiation whole spices) designed to optimize the slow cooking experience.

From the 62nd Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 (booth New Brands)

We are two busy moms we discovered the “Zen-like” effect slow cooking had on our lives. With our desire to simplify slow cooking and bring people back to the dinner table, we created a line of premium spice blends crafted exclusively for the slow cooker.  

As passionate foodies and travelers we selected spices from all over the world to create the flavor foundation for a delicious slow cooked meal. 

Once our spices are sealed they are packaged with care by adults with developmental disabilities at Planet Access Company.

We hope they bring a little Zen into your kitchen.


  • Slow Cooker Spice Blends:Coq Au VInDaube ProvençaleIndian DalSmoky BBQSouthwest FiestaMarinaraMoroccan TagineMulling SpicesSweet & Spicy


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The Zen of Slow Cooking
The Zen of Slow Cooking
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The Zen of Slow Cooking
April 19

Slow Cooker Spice Blend - Sichuan Blend

Crafted exclusively for the slow cooker, the Sichuan Blend features premium, non-irradiated whole spices in a muslin bag. A salt-free combination for chicken, beef, and tofu. Each pouch includes two spice infusions for 4-6 meals each, a shopping list, and a recipe. Packaged with care by an adult with a developmental disability.