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Vivra Chocolate

Vivra, "The New Fashion in Chocolate", is a colorful brand that focuses on unexpected and innovative flavors and presentations that satisfy the modern consumer's demand for surprise and connection. With award winning packaging and award winning flavors, Vivra's passion adds color to our consumers lives through flavor and aesthetics. From our Chili Crunch, Thai Satay and English Garden Bars, to basic flavors, Vivra delights and surprises

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 6107)

Vivra Chocolate is an artisan chocolate maker and chocolatier located near Boston, MA.  We strive to create new and innovative flavors and presentations to fit today's lifestyles and tastes while remaining true to the traditions of original European chocolatiers.  Each chocolate bar is handcrafted using only the finest ingredients to ensure a distinctly refined flavor profile.  From our bold Thai Satay bar to our sublime Siena Fig bar, a perfect harmony of flavor is achieved.  Our line of solid chocolate bars are crafted from a proprietary blend of premium Madagascar, Venezuelan, and Ecuadorian beans creating a smooth, balanced finish.  Vivra's new Origins Collection artfully presents chocolate made directly from the bean.  We source, roast, winnow, conche and cast each bar focusing on bringing out the unique flavor notes specific to the terroir.  The final product is then tempered and cast into bars or transformed into luxurious truffles.

Vivra defines itself with artfully presented, delectable chocolate using only natural ingredients and ethically sourced cacao. Our design inspirations originate from the worlds of art and fashion and our products are infused with the desire to create fashionable, flavorful, gifts.



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Vivra Chocolate
Vivra Chocolate
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Vivra Chocolate
March 25

Vivra Chocolate Appoints Jordan Phillips to Head National Sales

Vivra Chocolate Appoints Jordan Phill...

Boston, MA - March 24, 2017 -- Vivra Chocolate is pleased to announce that Jordan Phillips has joined the company as Director of Sales. Phillips will lead the company’s National Sales Operations...