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Corine's Cuisine

Corine's Cuisine sauces are inspired by decades of experience and exploration in world cuisines. Born in Belgium and raised in Belgium and Spain, Corine began experimenting early in the kitchen with ingredients and methods drawn from different cultures. Balancing a francophone/Belgian love of Gallic culinary traditions with a traveler's appreciation for the unknown and the exotic, Corine developed a kitchen repertoire ranging from classic steak-frites to Thai yum-nur salad. Her husband's experience in design and marketing adds a valuable asset to Corine's Cuisine, ensuring that the products' presentation syncs with her all-natural, gourmet standards.

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Corine's Cuisine
Corine's Cuisine
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Corine's Cuisine
April 19

Spicy Asian BBQ and Stir-Fry Sauce

This unique sauce gets its Asian flair from a combination of Japanese Unagi, Thai Nam-Pla, real garlic and hot peppers, fresh lime juice, and chopped cilantro. It is great as a stir-fry sauce with chicken or beef, or a BBQ-style cooking sauce for grilling and broiling, especially with salmon or pork.