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Seawater Food & Beverage, Inc

We envision Seawater becoming a major food ingredient, replacing dehydrated salts in diets, thus improving the health & quality of life for millions of people. We've developed our core product, food-grade Seawater for Cooking, as well as ready-to-consume product lines including, ZUMO Juices & Drinkable Soups, Seawater Potato Chips, & other innovations currently in development. All of our creations utilize our Seawater as a key ingredient and sole sodium source, which is prominently displayed on packaging to garner awareness of Seawater as the major differentiator in several crowded categories.

From the 63rd Summer Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 643)

Seawater Food & Beverage brings to the kitchen a centuries old tradition of cooking with seawater to enhance the flavors and natural salts and trace minerals to foods. We use a propretary, patented filtration process to create the world's first, food-grade purified seawater. Cook with it yourself and try our creations, and taste the difference the ocean's 78 naturally occuring minerals can make!

Our seminal product, Mediterranea Seawater for Cooking, is a “liquid salt” applicable to nearly any cooking process, as well as raw seafood storage. We also make Mediterranea Seawater Soaked Potato Chips (only 3 ingredients!) and ZUMO Juices & Drinkable Soups (including a Sweet & Salty Lemonade2-ingredient Tomato Juice, and a "salad-in-a-bottle"Gazpacho).

All of our products are made with Mediterranea Seawater for Cooking as a key ingredient/sole added sodium source. Doing this allows us to enhance natural flavors, keep sodium levels in check (as compared to other, in-category items), and add 78 naturally occurring micro-nutrients to our recipes (not available/possible in the same volume or quantity as compared to any dry salt). Lastly, we emphasize that we use only 100% natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or GMOs, and everything is naturally gluten free.

Look forward to seeing and serving you at our booth!


  • Mediterranea Seawater Soaked Potato Chips
  • ZUMO Juices & Drinkable Soups with Mediterranea Seawater
  • Mediterranea Seawater for Cooking


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Seawater Food & Beverage, Inc
Seawater Food & Beverage, Inc
Austin Clar
Regional Manager


Seawater Food & Beverage, Inc
April 28

ZUMO Sweet & Salty Lemonade

ZUMO Lemonade is sweet, tangy, & subtly salty, making it delicious & unique. Combining four ingredients, including a splash of Mediterranea Seawater, ZUMO Lemonade is as refreshing & bright in flavor as it is in life’s essential nutrients & minerals. Salud!

Seawater Food & Beverage, Inc
April 19

Gazpacho with Mediterranean Seawater

ZUMO Gazpacho is an authentic Spanish Gazpacho made with real produce from the Spanish countryside, and a splash of Mediterranean Seawater, making it as rich in flavor as it is life's essential nutrients and minerals. Ready to serve out of the fridge, it's a perfect, healthy meal in a bottle. Enjoy!