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6 Colonel Hazzard Rd
Okatie, SC, 29909-7003
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JGF Enterprises

Our innovative products are for foodies—it’s the kind of food you would make yourself in your own kitchen. We always use fresh, simple ingredients, minimally process everything, have all natural and clean labels, and use cold pressed manufacturing to lock in ultimate flavor. Our products are versatile, nutrients dense, plant-based, have a long shelf life, and most of all, are delicious. Our customers love our family story of sharing our recipes with the world, but they also love our trend-leading, one-of-a-kind flavors. We’re the only company using superfood algae oil in our dressings, we’re the only one taking advantage of refrigeration in our salad Toppers, and we’re the only snackable salad bar on the shelf—our innovation is our brand signature.

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JGF Enterprises
JGF Enterprises
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