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M5 Corporation

M5 Corporation was founded in 2006. Our mission was, and still is, to provide gourmet chefs access to new and wonderful products from around the world. This mission has proven to be sound and as part of the rapidly expanding global trade opportunities, M5 has grown every year into a profitable and highly respected importer and distributor. At this point in our growth, we have established many enduring relationships with suppliers in Asia, Europe and South and Central America. Our products are carefully selected based on market studies, quality, uniqueness, packaging and made with the finest ingredients and materials. As a result of our success and excellent reputation, M5 is continually asked to evaluate new and exciting gourmet products from highly qualified exporters. Our product lines are showcased in our wholesale site and our retail site We can be contacted at or at 760-744-6665. Our current product lineup includes: • Italy: Balsamic Vinegar, Pannetone, Glazes and Condiments, Olive Oil, Hand Made Colored Pasta, Seasonings, Rice and Risotto, Stainless Steel Fusti and Accessories, Salt, Pepper and Spice Grinders, Fruit and Vegetable Condiments and Sauces, Specialty Breads and Snacks,. • Chile: Gourmet Seafood, Carica, Wild Baby Pears, Etnia Spices, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Organic Tea. • Spain: Olive Oil, Gourmet Seafood, Saffron. Salta, Herbs. • Mexico: Organic Nectave Nectar. • Brazil: Rain Forest Honey, Propolis. • Australia: Spice, Sea Salt Rub, Flavored Sugars, Lattes, Cake and Cookie Mixes. M5 has developed a number of special programs to support exporters wanting to introduce their products to the US market. These include: • An efficient drop ship system for both US clients and exporters. • A private label programs so customers can achieve branding through unique relationships with exporters. • Support introduction of new products through market surveys and strategic planning. • Consulting and site design and operation for effective strong internet sales. • Operating booths in selected show such as the Specialty Food Show. • Importing and shipping services for US companies and exporters. • Sourcing new products for US based companies. Much of M5’s success is due to our cost effective operations and flexibility to work with clients to achieve their objectives. Contact us at or call us at 760-744-6665 for more information.

From the 42nd Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 3119)

M5 Specializes in importing and distributing the finest products from South America, Mexico, Japan and Europe. Founded in 2006 as a family owned and operated business, M5 has grown to become a main supplier to specialy retailers as well as to some of the largest food distributors in the U.S.  In addition to our core brands, M5 offers the flexibility to source, import and distribute specialty products at the request of specific and exclusive clients.  

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  • Nectavé
  • Aginox
  • Donne del Grano
  • Etnia
  • Frinsa
  • Garden of the Andes
  • Geomar
  • Mario Fongo
  • Minox
  • Mussini
  • Riso Bello
  • Riso Gallo
  • San Pietro
  • Sansone
  • Snack Gold
  • Spanish Delight
  • Tamaya
  • Villa Realle
  • Yamaroku
  • Cufrol


  • Baked Goods
    • Crackers
  • Baking Mixes and Ingredients
    • Baking Mixes
  • Condiments
    • Condiments: Full Line
  • Grain, Cereal, and Pasta
    • Grain, Cereal and Pasta: Full Line
  • Sauces, Seasonings, and Cooking Enhancers
    • Ethnic Sauces (Soy, Curry, Etc.)
    • Spices
  • Seafood
    • Seafood: Full Line
  • Snacks
    • Chips
    • Nuts
  • Vinegar
    • Vinegar: Full Line

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