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6600 N Baltimore Ave
Portland, OR, 97203-5403
(t) 503-247-3448
(f) 503-247-3450

Moonstruck Chocolate, Co.

Moonstruck's Confections - Bulk - Truffle Shells, Sucrose-Free Truffles, Cream-Cones, Caramels; Big Heart Chocolates (boxed), Chocolate Bar, Schnapps Foil Collection, CD Music and Chocolate

From the 62nd Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 (booth 5474)

Moonstruck Chocolate Co. creates its signature artisan chocolate confections from its main location at the foot of the historic St. Johns Bridge in Portland, Ore. Sourcing superior quality cocoa and incorporating the finest and freshest ingredients from the Pacific Northwest and beyond, Moonstruck creates confections that delight the senses and nourish the imagination. Each piece is crafted, decorated and packaged by hand, providing a unique chocolate experience every time. Moonstruck Chocolate is available nationwide at select retailers, online at and at four Moonstruck Chocolate Cafés in Oregon.


Moonstruck, Moonstruck Chocolate Co.


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    • Organic/Natural
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