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KL Keller Foodways

KL Keller is known for our imported products, but we do so much more than just select and transport things across the ocean. Our wonderful food products from all over the world are created to our standards by small, authentic producers, using proprietary recipes and following our strict quality guidelines. “Imports” is just too tame a word to encompass the actual range of best-quality foods produced under our guidance, within a company culture that encourages food quality, innovation and, yes, even audacity.

From the 42nd Winter Fancy Food Show 2017 (booth 4121)

K.L. Keller, Foodways is an importer  and producer of artisan specialty food products from France, Spain,  Australia and the U.S. including oils, vinegars, sea salt, mustard, European condiments, spices, jams, honey and confections. K.L Keller Foodways also produces and distributes European quality American-made condiments and hot chocolate.


  • Alvear
  • Antara
  • Bombons Cudie
  • Gilles Hervy
  • J. Leblanc
  • K.L. Keller Imports
  • La Cave De L'Abbe Rous
  • La Maison D'Armorine
  • La Maison du Piment
  • Lobato
  • Agusti Torelló


  • Baked Goods
    • Cookies
  • Beverages
    • Hot Beverages: Hot Chocolate
  • Condiments
    • Mustards
  • Confectionery
    • Candy: Caramels
  • Oils
    • Oils: Full Line
  • Sauces, Seasonings, and Cooking Enhancers
    • Salt
    • Spices
  • Vinegar
    • Vinegar: Full Line

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KL Keller Foodways
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KL Keller Foodways
May 11

Yandilla Spicy Mustard Seed Oil

Mustard seed oil, common in Indian cuisine, is gaining popularity among chefs worldwide for its wasabi-type heat and high smoke point. This versatile, spicy oil, created by an Australian family, is the only food-grade culinary mustard seed oil available in the United States—and maybe the world.