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Frozen Foods

Mushroom, Garlic, & Scallion
When friends and family encouraged sisters Leslie Bowers and Linda Olander to market and sell their much-loved brie en croute to the masses, they jumped at the chance. Their company, Elegant Brie, won sofi gold this year with the mushroom, garlic, and scallion brie, which Olander says was the brainchild of her sister. “She is a huge mushroom fan, and is famous for her Christmas beef Wellington,” Olander explains. “So bringing mushrooms into the brie was a natural progression.” The sisters take care to remove the rind from the Brie before it is baked to ensure each bite of the savory snack melts in the mouth. Local Monterey Bay mushrooms are mixed with the cheese, garlic, and scallions, and are carefully layered to ensure an ample helping of mushrooms in each bite. “We pay attention to every detail,” Olander says. “Right down to the parchment paper under each brie, so you can easily slide your brie onto a platter or plate after baking.” Suggested retail price: $31.99–$49.99/27 ounces. Contact: Linda Olander; 800.931.2743;;—E. Crowe
Elegant Brie
Pleasanton, CA
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