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sofi 2017

Balsamic Fig Mostarda Savory Spread

Balsamic Fig Mostarda Savory Spread – New for 2015! Organic Calimyrna figs, raisins and fresh pears simmered in a balsamic reduction with a spicy mustard finish. A phenomenal accompaniment to a cheese plate; pairing brilliantly with aged goats cheese, blue cheese and charcuterie. This versatile condiment is delicious atop roasted pork, roast beef and ham and makes a delicious sandwich spread. All of our products are hand crafted by us in small batches.
Wozz! Kitchen Creations
Bethlehem, NH
An Australian born condiment company and creator of gourmet food, now 100% handmade in Vermont. Our creative and innovative artisan specialty foods include gourmet chutneys, sauces, dressings, relish, savory spreads, finishing vinegars, and more. Inspired by Wozz's years as a luxury yacht chef traveling the world, our flavors are a fusion of bold exotic spices and fresh local ingredients. Awards: 2014 Sofi Silver - Spiced Beet Vinegar 2014 Sofi Gold- Triple Ale Onion Savory Spread 2014 Sofi Gold- Ginger Soy Infusion Dressing 2015 Sofi Finalist - Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde 2015 Sofi Gold Winner - Kiwi Lime Salsa Verde 2014 Yankee Magazine Editors Choice- Balsamic Blueberries & Maple Vinegar