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Waiakea, Inc. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is the first triple bottom line premium water of its kind, adapting an unparalleled platform of healthy, sustainable, and ethical/charitable attributes and initiatives. Waiakea's mission is to provide healthy, delicious, Hawaiian volcanic water with as little impact as possible, while contributing to and promoting clean water access to people throughout the world. HEALTHY - Filtered through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock. The most alkaline, electrolyte-rich natural waters in the world. Has an 8.8pH and is naturally enhanced with life-sustaining minerals. Bottles are BPA Free. SUSTAINABLE - Source recharge rate of 1.4 Billion gallons per day. Only use 100% RPET bottles (90% smaller carbon footprint than competitors). Participates in regional reforestation projects. The first domestic bottled water to be certified CarbonNeutral. ETHICAL - For every liter of Waiakea purchased, Waiakea donates 650 liters of clean water to those in need through Pump Aid.
Waiakea Inc.
Culver City, CA
We are the wholesaler of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, the first Volcanic Water of its kind. With a sleek and patented design, and an array of value in the fields of health, sustainability, and charity, Waiakea is much more than a premium water. It boasts being not only the "World's Greenest", but being the most charitable premium water on the planet, and has a variety of health benefits as well. Drink Healthy, Drink Sustainably, Drink Ethically, Drink Waiakea.