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sofi 2016

Meyer Lemon Marmalade

Simply fresh meyer lemons and pure cane sugar, our marmalades are made over two days from the finest fresh lemons. Packed with hand-cut rinds and juice made from slow-cooking the fruit overnight, a deliciously fragrant marmalade packed with the unique flavor of fresh meyers - a proper marmalade.
Date product entered market: Jan. 18, 2016
Blake Hill Preserves
Grafton, VT
With 5 Gold Medals from The World Marmalade Awards, 2 Wins at the US Good Food Awards, and a SOFI, Blake Hill produces some of the finest artisan preserves being made today. With a passion for naturally preserving the finest fruits for enjoyment year round, a truly great preserve should be light, fresh, and full of flavor. Featuring extra fruit and reduced sugar recipes, light cooking, and 100% natural ingredients, Blake Hill, third generation English preserve makers, creates a gourmet line of marmalades, preserves and chutneys in Vermont. NEW PRODUCTS: 1) SPECIAL EDITION MARMALADE range featuring the very best (and often hard to find) seasonal citrus varieties such as Meyer lemons, and Seville & Bergamot oranges. 2) JASPER HILL / BLAKE HILL CHEESE PAIRING RANGE: Bespoke cheese pairing range created in partnership with one of the world's eponymous artisan cheesemakers, incl. Conserve of Apricots with Orange & Honey for washed rind cheese, and Confit of Plums with Port & Anise for Blue cheese. 3) 100% PURE FRUIT / NO ADDED SUGAR preserves, featuring the finest fruit, 100% natural, with a super clean, deliciously light taste. NON GMO, KOSHER CERTIFIED.