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Sea Salt and Vanilla Caramels

The secret ingredient in Big Picture Farm’s caramels is the milk—fresh, creamy, and delicious from the company’s own herd of happy, healthy, free-grazing goats. The Sea Salt and Vanilla Caramels are Big Picture Farm’s original farmstead milk caramels, non GMO and complemented with high-quality local and organic ingredients. The Sea Salt and Vanilla Caramels also were awarded the sofi Gold for Outstanding Confection in 2012, while the Cocoa Latte Goat Milk Caramels were named a sofi Finalist for Outstanding New Product in 2013.
Date product entered market: April 1, 2011
Big Picture Farm LLC
Townshend, VT
All of our confections are handmade in small batches using fresh, delicious milk from our own herd of free-ranging goats and made with organic and local ingredients, packaged elegantly with Eco-friendly materials produced in the United States.